ARE YOU UNFAMILIAR WITH BLOGGING and wish to comment as a non blogger.

Each blogsite has its own set of rules which are usually simple to follow.
On my blog they are even simpler, 'ANYONE' may comment providing words of an obscene nature are not used, if so you will be more than likely deleted.
To comment simply click on to comments at the bottom of each post, you may use your name, Pseudo name, or be Anonymous. Call soon . VEST.


Vest said…
If Peter the flower person from joebonkersbanana land Queensland Oz is trolling, you will now see I am touting for comments in order to attract more followers to the non sectarianism blog Dily Goggle er daley giggle, sorry iv'e got it now Daily Gaggle.
I must stop drinking that cheap Cuban Whisky.
Anonymous said…
hello mr vest im new to this thing, I hope you were not offended by my silly comment on TSHS MOM, but I loved the answer you gave me,you seamen know all the answers to relaxing a ladies inhibitions, meeting you has been a pleasure, talk to you again shame your so far distant. Tina, CAL,USA.
Vest said…
Tina . Distance is my best defence, from predatory females of your ilk. You are new to it, oh yea, thats what they all say, I would hazzard a guess 'more times than hot dinners', in any case Tina my reservoir of seamans semen is petering out to be coming near the lowest draw off level point, hardly someone to enjoy a riotous romp with. see ya.
My rules are simple. Be civil, you can stay. Be a jerk, I boot. So far only one person had to be booted. And you know me, I gave ample warning.

1st postcard's in the mail. Went to the California wine country and got a postcard. Love this place.

Oh, for the record, I'm shooting for a vacation in Tasmania within the next five years. Thanks again for the promo materials. Got a lot on the plate with this business started though, so no plan is set in stone yet.
Anonymous said…
If you are after more people to chat on the site, why not start a general topic. Then people can talk about anything they choose.
Vest said…
No one son: After a gaggle of aprox twenty comments on most blog sites, the thread loses the plot, usualy about halfway and developes into a free for all hotch potch of gobbledegook, a sort of general topic as you suggested; which fizzles down to the last unanswerable comment and dies of boredom.
I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion. I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here keep up the good work.

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