There are genuine grounds to believe that the best place to become ill in New South Wales Australia is inside the prison system.
The Sydney Daily Telegraph my favorite newspaper delivered daily to my door reveals , taxpayers are funding a gold plated health service catering for every inmate sniffle and ache.
Most of this info is backed up from personal contact with the inmates by a family friend who is employed within the prison welfare system, with whom I am in personal contact.
It appears there is one nurse for every 20 inmates, its kid gloves all the way.
If you have a droopy dick, fiddle your tax - go to jail and get it straightened out.
Erection dysfunction, hormone treatments, ingrown toenails and circumcision ops by (Dr Finklestein- maybe) these were among 250 elective surgery procedures funded over the past two years.
Meanwhile ordinary citizens face long waits for their elective procedures. Last year, for example, more than half wanting hip replacements, had to wait more than nine months.
The well salaried Justice health chief exec Dr Richard Mathews (Dick Hard) Say's " Prisoners should not be punished with poor health care.
But most ordinary citizens face out of pocket medical costs to see GPS and specialists, and to access prescriptions. Prisoners do not.
And how many inmates before being locked up would have bothered seeing a doctor over ailments like ingrown toenails or erectile dysfunction? Very few.
There is no case for prisoners getting better health services than the rest of our community.
Even the slightest evidence of this is offensive.
The latest revelations about what is going on in N S W jails come shortly after recent reports of a serial rapist getting his sperm frozen and backpacker killer Ivan Milat having privileges such as a Television and toaster oven. After a public and a personal condemnation of these personal prisoners privileges, the privileges were removed. But dear oh dear, the prisoners became very upset over the new restrictions and cried 'Foul' and guess what, yeah your absobloodylutely right, they are probably back in front of the telly munching toasted sandwiches watching porno movies with their newly repaired penis in the other hand.
there are worrying signs the the NSW Govt is losing touch with what the public expects on law and order.


Michele said…
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tshsmom said…
Yup, same thing happens here. Another glorious example of our tax dollars at work. :(
Anonymous said…
I stayed at a local motel near you VEST and there was no toaster in the room.
Vest said…
And its not just the prison services ripping off the public purse, there is the NSW Police Force which are a law unto themselves, it has been verified not just weakly estimated, that the Police Force has a 40% higher ratio of crimminal activity than the general public, bribery ,drugs violence, standover tactics and cowboy driving antics during pursuits and sexual intimidation top the list.
In todays newspapers we have a pile of info referring to dodgy police activities, plus we are told seven stalwarts of the force. have been smacked on the wrist and reinstated to their jobs by the Police Commissioner Moroney(baloney). Whom they may have had by the short and curlies.
The states senior police training college has become riddled with a poisonous culture in which sexual and workplace harrassment is rife, sexual activities between lecturers students police and staff, headed those explosive allegations.
I migrated here from the green and pleasant(uk) to fulfil a long awaited dream, although I like to describe my lifestyle as Idyllic and free from nefarious activities, one has to be constantly vigilent to maintain the status quo when we have authoritarians behaving like common ratbags.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
and i tot Michele was a christian
Anonymous said…
Political Correctness gone Straight A's *ucking mad.
'Tis the same here Vest my friend.
We have extremely hot sulphuric pools of mud over here which would effectively take care of any prisoner dysfunction that you could name. Throw in the Police too and you've got a hot pot worth celebrating. I've long been suggesting this to my local M.P. but he keeps returning my (unopened) letters. LOL
Vest said…
Good lord , Michele must be another saby alias too, She has gone to ground and deleted her comments.
Nothing too sinister about my telephone no being published by saby on his blog, it would not be too difficult to access it as it is probably known worldwide.

I hope Pugs is not a saby, that would be a worry.
Vest said…
The above comment is another sicko from a saby alias a clone or him self, saby the clown.
Anonymous said…
hi vestie -- getting some stick it looks mate--i like the post-- you no when i did 11 weeks in side for driving i learned quite a lot-- some of the wardens were good--no real bad crims in there--
is that saby geezer still a worry-- me and gordon wouldtake him out for if we could---see ya mr vest your a nice guy
Vest said…
Aggie: thanks for calling ,see you soon.

Zed: It is nice to know you have some clear direction now, still a trifle rusty but you will make it I know. Keep calling, glad you enjoyed the party.

Saby, Or who ever: G*^)^%@$#()&^%ed.
Anonymous said…

This is where you'll find a fantastic dialogues delivered by an anonymous commenter.

I so so agree with you about Saby and this bitch !!
Jim said…
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Vest said…
Any person watching this guy saby would realise he is full of contradictions and self confusing counter contradictions.
This totally anti social moron has rubbished the planet with his constant deluge of insults, filth and porn within his numerous blogsites; which are disguised with plagiarised editorial; filched from Int/& Indian newspapers, his numerous aliases and limited form of communication are easily Identified, and above we have a classic example.
More to come.
Anonymous said…
Oh vestie- it is becoming intriguing all of this cloak and dagger stuff and you receiving Emails from pakistan and where ever islamabad is?...this saby person of multiple personalities may be dangerous it seems he is still alive after when it was reported that he was dead its so flumuxing and weired, love you nice man be careful kate.. Budgewoi
Anonymous said…
hi vestie-- geez whats up doc--its a bit strange i think like spy and counter spy and its building up as i see-- on pugs and micheles blogs. but a bit more exciting than a commetry onthe day byday erection of a garage in minesota
Vest said…
Strewth!! Gordon: Lets not esculate the life of the sore that doth never heal; to other parts of the blogosphere,to wit; the execrable Mumbai Elephant boy and gutter snipe.
Jim said…
Heyyyy VEST

i tried to convince Michele
u r not me

dat blonde is the dumbest blonde i seen in my 55 years

next to her Goldie Hawn and Marilyn Monroe appear to be geniuses
Vest said…
Saby; it not at all with regret that I have to inform you of my decision to totaly disintangle myself from any (repeat)ANY source of contact with you.
At this point of time , I feel it is better I should disconnect myself from the misc saby rabble aliases and sick followers who ingest your unstable vile porno and illinformed contents at your site.
For those involved I shall say adios, any further communication from those I feel were involved, will be deleted without question.
Have a nice day.
Vest said…
Saby it would be wise to inform all those who infest your head too.
Anonymous said…
FzUgvA write more, thanks.

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