Now is the Summer of our Discontent. Gerry Built car imobilises City.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the Australian summer or what was supposed to be.
Today where I am in Budgewoi 100 Klms up from Sydney the temp is not likely to get past 25 C with an overcast sky and s/w cooling breeze.Sydney and most other parts of coastal NSW has had it wettest summer in four years and the coolest in 15 years Only one day back in December,where the temperature topped 30C. Further out in the Sydney western suburbs and also cities both to the north and south, have experienced their coolest summer for forty years.
And there is no silver lining..... The Bureau of meteorology has forecast rain for the next seven days for Sydney, while other parts of the state are bracing for downpours.

Stopping a city generally requires a series of events, each building on the other until gridlock is achieved. Add a solitary stalled car to the equation and, as we have again been reminded, all bets  - and meetings and flights and job interviews are - off.

Audi that broke a city. Click on the link.

Personally; I am having some diabolical health problems, more later on this, (results next week)

Back soon....VEST.


WALLY said…
I live near the city in Redfern, I walk to work in five mins or raining they fetch me if I ring. dont need a car.
Vest said…
Yesterday the 2nd day of Autumn (fall)locally, the Temp topped 33C.
The previous occasion when it reached beyond that was in Spring when it reached 35C.
I cannot recall a cooler or wetter summer, the air/con was used twice and generally most people were pleased with the more moderate weather apart from businesses flogging summer wear and the tourist trade.
Seems the global warming fiasco comes under scrutiny again.
However today at noon the temp had fallen 11,deg C below that of yesterday, it simply doesn't make sense.

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