While we are in 2012, date wise we are running parallel with 1945.

Today Sun Feb 12 will be a hot one similar to that in 1945 when the ship I was serving on arrived for the first time in Sydney. Sun 11, we had partly circumnavigated Australia to reach Sydney  from the now totally destroyed Jap controlled oil industry in Sumatra (Indonesia). The British Pacific fleet had suffered a great deal during these operations, some bad mistakes coupled with  unnecessary death and destruction and the real loss of around forty Aircraft, some crew members rescued from the sea others captured after bailing out in Jap territory  nine in all aged 19-22 beheaded soon after.
To our crew Sydney was a heaven , the ice cream van came back several times to cope with the demand of those who hadn't seen such a luxury for over five years.The sailors from the Brit Pacific fleet walked into town across the Sydney domain their white hats covered in flies; this was pre Mortein fly spray years, a parody "With your Easter Bonnet and all the flies upon it" was the (in)tune of the day
After logistical replenishment we sailed north to join the Yanks in more clashes with the sons of Nippon , more or less on a daily basis never ending so it seemed for the next 70 days - the worst day being Easter Sunday all fools day. the landing at Okinawa, and,me  being on the top of the superstructure (The Air Defence Position) the worst kamikaze day in living memory unfolded,  however there was much more to come, to say the least. I was too young  to die at eighteen although it wasn't the case for two friends I had gone to school with.and of course many others.
I now live with Rosemary my wife of 58.5 years. in Budgewoi Approx 100 k's north of the Sydney Hustle and Bustle. Quiet; you could say that, the occasional "Happening" does get around this way but not too often.
BTW, whoever dumped the beautiful sleek short haired and friendly pussy with sprog in our garden two weeks back. I have to inform you that, the Kitten has been relocated to a new home, its parent has decided that it is purrfectly happy with it's present servants and has no intention of leaving, should there be a feline lover waiting to adopt a puddytat with a friendly disposition, feel free to contact me.
Clouds are forming and it's more than likely the weather will turn to rain as it has done since the start of the Eastern Aus summer - the coolest since 1965, forecast for the next six days ; Rain, another week following we will be in Autumn (Fall). One thing very noticeable in the garden is the total absence of pigeons, I wonder why, however, the magpie family and miss Mog are in stand off mode.
Yesterday the cooking of the lamb leg roast came to  a standstill when the comparatively new  convection cooker packed in half way. It was the second time using it, it had been in storage for a few months since it was won in a raffle, however they are cheap(about 40 bucks), The racks and large 32cm wide and 8cm deep glass bowl are salvageable, the bowl could be useful for a forty person casserole or a planter.
Sham labels on vegetable packaging has raised doubt that the frozen veggies within are not all from that beaut colourfully green Aussie farm , when you buy a pack of vegetables with a picture of rural Australia on it you expect them to have been grown in Australia. It is disgraceful.. supermarket chains are importing fruit and veg claiming they are produced in Australia. Last week having a quick quiz at the stuff in the freezer of "Woolworth's The Fresh Food People" I cast my eye on their home brand(Red packet) frozen mixed vegetables, somehow!! one package was leaking and disclosing its contents; diced cauliflower stem, carrots, corn, peas and other misc stuff ; but 66% carrot. (carrots are the cheapest veggie in Australia, BTW the package proclaimed it was a product of China; probably the reason for the red packaging.
It seems every Supermarket chain is using a 'Fresh Food Slogan". Coles are  now into musical renditions "There's no freshness like Coles freshness'' plagiarising a well known music hall song, I suggest they take that extra bow and bow out.
Rosemary is at the local club at this moment in time contesting the meat raffle and other miscellaneous  prizes, , she has been instructed not to bring home another 'Made in China 'convection cooker. That's it for now, Shower then back to the cricket on the telly.

Here is a great tip. Pay off your mortgage sooner by shopping at ALDI.

Back soon.... Vest.

"Wouldn't it be a lousy world if we had nothing to complain about".
Oh dear it's raining again.


C A. said…
Your calendar is askew.
Vest said…
Yes CA, I thought I made that clear;IE Sun 11, 1945. & Sun 12 2012 in Feb.
After Feb 29 this leap year, parallel dates appear on both 1945 & 2012 calendars.

BTW April Fools day was on a Sunday in 1945 and will be this year.
Oh! I forgot to tell you "Your Shoe lace is undone".
Girt by Sea. said…
Are you sure you can partially circumnavigate Australia?
Vest said…
Ok Girt by sea, point taken. However you Burke,if you are a Tasman you Wills be Able.

Yanks had better ignore this.
WALLY. said…
Very funny Vest.
Vest said…
Birthday Wishes today go to......

Our Nephew, NIGEL who will be Forty plus++++++?...And

Dylan, Our Grandson, who will be 19.
Happy Birthday You guys. Vest.

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