PART ONE. http://www.dailygaggle.com/2007/12/part-1-what-faith-industry-do-not-want.html

Part TWO. http://www.dailygaggle.com/2007/12/part-two-what-faith-industry-doesnt.html

Part THREE. http://www.dailygaggle.com/2007/12/what-faith-industry-doesent-want-you-to.html

Part FOUR. http://www.dailygaggle.com/2007/12/part-four-what-faith-industry-doesnt.html

Part FIVE. http://www.dailygaggle.com/2007/12/part-five-what-faith-industry-doesnt_16.html

Part SIX.http://www.dailygaggle.com/2007/12/part-six-what-faith-industry-doesnt_18.html

Part SEVEN. http://www.dailygaggle.com/2007/12/part-seven-final-what-faith-industry.html

Feel free to copy anytime, Very interesting reading..........Enjoy......... Vest.


Gordon. said…
This is unbelievably revealing the facts. It could destroy what we know to be the true christian writings. I copied all seven pages.
C A. said…
I'm gobsmacked. Good reading.
GY Shift again.
J Simpson. said…
Hi Les, I hope you and all the family are well?
Just a brief note to say many thanks for my birthday card, it was very thoughtful of you to remember.

Best wishes

Dylan Bowyer. said…
It was a good read for the first half, but after that I become lost with the lack of spacing.
While the topic is interesting to me, I could only go through the first four parts before losing idea of where we were. The lack of paragraphs gets to you.

Thanks though.
Vest said…
Thank You Grandson Dylan - Heir to the throne.
What you read is in its original form as it arrived to me way back, no editing by me, OK.

Dylan will be 19 in one week.
Chiefy... Sydney. said…
How Quaint, and I liked the title, Faith Industry, hits the nail on the head, all poppycock and Pantomime. Men in gowns and finery chanting to organ music, it just ain't real.

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