More opportunity to share your boredom with your boring Facebook pals

The worlds largest boring online social network and generator of  masses of recorded criminal activity, unveiled more than sixty new Apps this week.
Face book is adding a bunch of new applications to let users share everything from pics of what they are wearing or not and what  they cooked for lunch.
Face book allows users to share the music they are listening to through Apps such as spotify, and the articles they are reading through other news services. Face book is calling it 'Frictionless sharing'. Once signed up you can limit who you share this new activity with through Face book. I am thinking the term 'f'rictionless' could mean 'No orgasmic interaction'

Imagination is the eye of the soul....Vest.........Back soon


Soo said…
so you are wanker and not face book membber-you miss good thing
Dylan said…
Facebook is still a great connection/socialisation tool, heck, until people move onto another one (I can remember Myspace/Bebo being the big ones and Facebook being for 'old people'), it'll be the case.

The funny application I noticed though, is a non-official one. It's call the un-friend finder. Want to know who unfriended you? Just check it out!
Vest said…
Soo: Better put, a Masturbater is one who is without current sexual partner.One would not refer to a fit and healthy married person as a wanker.
Actually in the Chinese republic there is a higher ratio of masturbaters due to the 'One child' per family Law.
May I assume you are an illegal Chinese immigrant flogging your parts to make ends meet?
Anonymous said…
Well said.
Davo of North Richmond.

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