LADY BLOGGER WITH THE HOTS Saught Hot Property Revenge

An angry ex wife and her lover robbed 25 houses that were open for inspection to get even with her real estate ex hubby, Helen M 30 plus claims her bitter break up spurred her on to have revenge on realter Andrew J by nicking $110,000 bucks worth of Jewellery and loot from homes for sale in affluent suburbs, she told the judge she hated realtors as they were ripoff artists.
It appears she left her Hubby for her internet blogging boy friend and partner in crime, an American who she told; her 10 year marriage was abusive and her hubby needed to be taught a lesson. Her ex explained that his ex wife Helen had an addiction to the internet and particularly to men on the Net and her American lover, Chris F 39, whom she met on line now faces deportation after pleading guilty to multiple fraud and theft charges.
The now engaged couples lawyer told the court there was no motive of financial hardship.
The court heard the thefts were carefully planned with Helen M using her knowledge of computers and the R/E Industry to rob 'soft targets'- Large houses with poor security during inspections.
On some trips she would go alone and pocketed entire jewellery boxes, occasionally Chris F would accompany her, on the day they were arrested they had robbed four homes and were caught with $20,000 worth of goods in their possession.
Most of the stolen jewellery has been recovered.
Their lawyer urged the judge not to send her to prison, saying she was deeply remorseful, and had been on medication for depression and was suffering a diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder involving persistant Blogging leading to stealing.
The couple are now on bail, and will be sentenced in March.

Blogging could be leading us away from the straight and narrow.


Sadie Lou said…
weird story.
My blog is like an outlet for my inner celebrity--is that wrong?
Vest said…
Sadie Lou. The Weird Story as you put it, is a rewrite, and a condensed version of The Sydney Daily Telegraph report on a UNUSUAL Court hearing. It has been posted here for the benefit of internet users who do not read or have access to Oz newspapers, it is not to be considered as a tool to denigrate bloggers in general.
The factual report its self may contain an element of Humor(Humour,'for English speaking people'). I am absolutely certain it does not reflect on your astute character.
Thank you for calling have a nice day nice lady.
Anonymous said…
vest my blog is like an outlet for my inner celebrity, is this wrong??
hi sadie- I have just popped round to see my so called christian mate vest-for a few beers this sunny sabbath day, to argue the toss, and discuss matters appertaining to nothing of importance.
It doth seem fair maiden thou didst alight from the wrong side after a restless repose.
I think Celebrities nowadays have far to much unqualified vocal opinion, and if by some misfortune on your part you have swallowed some , I will suggest you disgorge it before it causes you irreparable harm. Just joking lovely person, Shalom. have a great weekend. David
Anonymous said…
(X) Dave there is a person who goes by the icon 'Q' who is giving you a serve on sadies blog, sounds like an up himself loony religious crank, check him out- heh are you jewish
Anonymous said…
Anon (x), Affirmative, thanks for the info. David.
Vest said…
Nothing unusual about that cap'n S, let me know when your sober, I have been to your blog site an hour or so ago. avagdaysport.
Anonymous said…
hey vest, just been on a pair of christian blogs btw im spell check ing some words which pees me off takes too long ... the family goings on with these bible bashers must involve heaps of arguments and punch ups youse can tell with the way they goes on on the blog .... it aint any much worth being churchy geezers real holy crap they discuss jam rags ..used sanitary toweels ..J C having it off with women and there leaders having a dump on the sidewalk.. alot of no alls if you ask me and one going on about the bleeding genitals of the virgin mary all a bunch ocreeps mate
Vest said… appear to have some good traits but have not made much progress in the real word as yet so to speak, if you get my drift.
I will agree with you that, there are many chronically sick bible bashers out there and all having their own divine prescription for us to abide by. religions are a cancer it is sad to say although there are instances of good in some of the more domestic sides of religions, most come with a set of their own rules, which do not apply outside of their little world.
The Christian Churches both Catholic and Greek Ortho, certainly made malevolent use of the 'unpardonable - sin' doctrine, justifying, mass murder, torturing heretics whose only crime was a faith that varied from the official version. One could also argue that the doctrine lies at the root of anti semitism that has been the shame of the Christian Church, which condemned the Jews throughout the centuries for killing Jesus.

I respectfully ask that here be no more religious comments made on this site.

Gregorie, I thought I gave you a year away from my Blog, Ok so you have improved, but there is still more you can try to do.
Vest said…
Solon aprox 500 bc, was far more instrumental in bringing law and order, govt by the people, fair way of distributing wealth and taxes and the use of scientific knowledge to evaluate solving of problems, in stead of using outdated ecclesiastic oracles, and pagan soothsayers, which were used by former leaders such as the arch asshole dracon, whose laws he abolished. It is worth your time to find out a little more about that guy Solon, his attributes are endless, BTW Solon never spoke of the so called creator.
Over the years it has been suggested that miracles; such as those attributed to J C were nothing more than illusions perfomed before an audience possibly drugged up to their eyeballs with 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
Similar performances by modern allusionists and perhaps with a little help from the likes of Houdini and with a crack crazy crowd smoking pot, no one would ever know how much bread and fish they had eaten, nor would it have been difficult to make a gas filled effigy float away and disappear to the heavens. If you are a believer thats your choice, even if you dont believe and you have been a good sort and kind and helful to others, according to the rule book, you also.(provided there is such a place) will enter into the Hereafter.
I love how all these people can think about is "me! me! me!" "I'm depressed, so that's why I robbed all those people." "I was abused, so it's okay for me to abuse people."
Anonymous said…
whats this bulldung about inner celebrities- that sadie lady needs her nut adjusting- silly Moo needs some reality in her life instead of just praying for help at every bad turn in her peculier life of sponging a living off real practical people- what a weirdo.
Vest said…
joke-the boss said to the new salesman as he approached a male customer- watch how I sell.
The customer asks for a packet of grass seed.
"How big is the lawn to be" said the boss.
"2,000 Sq Ft says the customer"
"You will need ten packets of seed for that and here's your lawn mower to cut it when it grows".

The boss say's to the new salesman- "now try your skills on the guy coming over now"
The customer a timid guy asks quietly For a doz ladies san/towels.
"what size" he is asked.
"Dunno he says"
"Well here's 3 doz in 3 sizes exchange the others later for the right size-and here's your Lawnmower.
"Why said the guy"
" The new salesman replied, seems like you won't be too busy this weekend- So you just as well cut your lawn.
Vest said…
Zed:. I am partially in agreement with you. People who live in a airy fairy land with high opinions of their scientifically disproven mysticisms and never experiencing life Threatening or other disruptions, tend to take the world for granted, most lack moral fibre for their attacks on people of differing beliefs, but call 'foul' should their own opinions come under fire.
Anonymous said…
hi vesty im at a friends place - he said he would check out your site soon.
liked the joke.
Dont understand why you call certain persons -nice person or lady- when it sems that you dont care that much
Vest said…
For info only I shall be unavailable unti possibly Feb 10 06.
Anonymous said…
Who the frigging hell is that sadie tart...whats she a unhumble mine dont smell bible basher...looks like a Iraqi... real weird

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