We Survived on 40 Litres of Water Per Day, Living in Hong Kong 1963-4

My family lived at 17 Bremer House, Wong-nei chong rd, Opposite Hong Kong Happy valley race course, Navy Married Quarters.
The water supply was a problem for everyone. It was turned on for four hours every three days . when we would fill the bath and every imaginable container and each of us take a shower.
On alternate days we had to wash down and rinse off with a bowl of water.
Other less fortunate consumers topped up with canister's at street standpipes or used well water. Shek Pic Reservoir on Lantau Island, with its 5,000 Million Gallons was the largest water containment site. The average usage per person (Including Industrial use) was Nine Gallons per day or 40 litres. Additional water was collected by tankers at the lowest salinity point in the Pearl River in Communist China. Fortunately the the water problem has been resolved in Hong Kong. This was done by reclaiming part of the coastline sea area, and creating a huge Dam.
Something similar could be constructed on the Central Coast, Where 90% of our rainfall ends up in the sea anyway.
A project of this magnitude would provide ongoing employment long into the future.
This Project could be funded mainly by the Federal Govt from funds extracted from a few wasteful foreign aid programs.

BTW I hope this knowledge helps you appreciate your generous water allowance of Forty Gallons or One hundred and fifty litres per day.

John Leonard Spencer.


Anonymous said…
vest i tried to comment on sme blog and say it was nice to know she was avegan there was no reply but some weird crap from the old redneck biddy who blocked me the one who blathers on aboutpaint and stuff, cant see what there on about , it dont make sense at all ,silly middle age bimbos not getting any sounds like it I reckon.
Vest said…
Welcome to Monday morning. 'Other'stop whining,no one is perfect,in any case I have no desire to become involved as a third party although I can see your point.
Remember paying attention to detail and listening is one of the lesser known skills that women offer.
Vest said…
'OTHER': If you must follow me to other blogs use a bit of decorum,please.
Anonymous said…
hi vestie, it was nice to see you up and about at the club, I came over with my sis and said hello but it was so noisy at the moment, see you on friday will come over and keep rosemary's seat warm and hold your hand while 'R' is on the pokies btw your a great kisser, Oooh Oooh,xxx kate FB.
Vest said…
K FB: Thanks. Stay around, we need people like you to bring sparkle into our lives. X
Anonymous said…
vest, I subscribe to your view on the vancouver voyuer's blogsite.
I made the anon comment to guard my own position and to stop an otherwise nice person using profanity on her posts and comments

It is a terrible shame about your water problem, I shall pray hard that it will improve.
Vest said…
Thank you Julia for your explanation and also your prayers for rain, we here in Oz live on a Knife edge when it come'to water supply.
Our Australian Aborigines with their didgeridoo's perform very convincing rain dances, only they are wise enough to obtain an accurate rain forecast beforehand.
Julia: Read previous post please, there is an explanation there you should read.
Anonymous said…
Mr vest you have made my day.
Your comment about the yankee obscenities on the previous post.
It is all too rare today to hear the clear ring of a really good original insult. Great stuff.

Agree.those petro sniffers have no idea how to make rain.
Anonymous said…
Vest . I note your british and have escaped to australia and convict land , i also note you are an asshole and wimp vegetarian. g and get fu%#@^&%#..I am a real american.
Vest said…
Oh dear oh dear, real American, then you are probably the GT/GR/GR/Great grandson of BULL SHITTING BULL.
Oh BTW,thanks for the compliments.
I am a trifle miffed you didn't mention I was a sex maniac too.
Anonymous said…
Ive been following you round the other blogs and had a laugh about the bustard bird couldn't comment anon so come back here, is there a bustard bird?
Vest said…
Other A; just back from visiting overseas blogs, just get that feeling some are not happy with me, their main problem is they dislike any criticism, plus they have a vague sense of humour.

Bustards, two species in U/K the Great and the lesser.

In Australia. One only but similar to the great in the U/K.
Goose-like appearance, pointed beak, up to 1 metre tall, w-span up to 2 metres, black hood, white neck, black and white breast, mid brown upper.
Its cry is,
huhh huhh-aa a-r-r-r-rrgh.
as if it had been taught to speak by a Pirate.

goodnight must go, btw find your self a name please.
Anonymous said…
How to Carve a Pumpkin
What would Halloween be without a carved pumpkin sitting on your porch or at the window looking out at all the trick or treaters? Make this Halloween special by carving your own. Take delight in the smiling faces as the trick or treaters enjoy or get spooked by your own creation.


Pick out the nicest and healthiest looking pumpkin. Make sure that you do not buy it too long before Halloween.

Take a sharp knife and score a line about 5 inches from the top of the pumpkin right around the circumference. You can make it a jagged line if you like.

Use a large carving knife and carefully slice the top half of the pumpkin off using the scored line for guidance.

Carefully remove the top and set it aside.

Use a large spoon or a scoop and remove all of the filling and seeds. Place them into a bowl to be used later.

Draw a face on the front of your pumpkin for reference. Make it as spooky or creative as you like.

Cut the shapes out using a sharp knife.

Replace the lid that you had set aside.

Fill the insides with tealights, candles or fairy lights and watch it glow.

Carved pumpkins can go bad after two weeks. Carve your pumpkin only a couple of days before Halloween or it may start to shrivel up and cave in.
Pumpkin seeds are good to eat (like sunflower seeds) if you place them on a baking sheet, sprinkle them with a little salt, and toast them in the oven. You can also plant the seeds to grow your own pumpkins (but keep in mind that this pumpkin is probably a cross between several types, and what you get when you plant will probably not look anything like this one).
If you carve the "lid" of the pumpkin out in a smooth line, it can be difficult to replace the lid in the same position you cut it off in. It can be helpful to carve a notch somewhere, in the back if you like, so that you can fit the lid back on easily.

Do not allow small children near the candles or knives. If children have picked out a "special" pumpkin and want to carve it themselves, invest in a "kiddie cutter" so they don't get hurt.
Watch out for squirrels and deer - they see an easy meal being placed in the garden!

Things You'll Need
large kitchen knife
spoon or scoop
candles or lights
Jeannie said…
Hey Vest! thought I'd let you know I left a note on Nancy Drew's site again. We have to stop meeting like this.

But while I'm here - who is this John Leonard Spencer? My Grandfather was a John Lloyd Spencer and while I know John is a very common name...you just never know if there's family involved (wasn't Diana a Spencer too?)
Vest said…
Vest Junior(Eldest son of Vest) possibly alias (other)your comment posted when I was fast asleep at 5.12 am as anon. with the tell tale trash can.
For those unaware. My pc is connected by wireless to J V downstairs; which I refer to as the 'Engine Room' owing to the 2nd hand tobacco smoke which floats up the stairs to me in the Captains Quarters.
On waking this morning, I turned on the exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom, as Vest Junior had been up all night(nothing unusual) He's asleep now, but he has access to my pc(never off) for business purposes, i'll talk to him when he wakes, "Yawn".

I am considering my retaliating options, with ref to a Nth Am Redneck Blog should it turn nasty, as I have mentioned before; "No one can be so calculatedly rude as us British, Which amazes most Americans, who do not understand Studied insult and can only offer abuse and obscenities as a substitute".
Anonymous said…
Setting off fireworks in anticipation of Guy Fawkes are we Vest? LOL.
Vest said…
Aggie: It does seem that way, trying to ward off the evil spirits that are bugging me.T F C.

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