Call to BAN The Burqa Plus Chilly again

After two  mild sunny winter days, today it returned to a stiff southerly from Antarctica and cloudy with drizzle, however, it is expected to become sunny later!! and the near Cel 0 deg temps to continue overnight.
This would be the ideal time to wear a Burqa, provided is was worn in the confines of your residence.

A LIBERAL senator has called for a ban on burqas after a man was robbed at gunpoint by another man wearing one.

Cory Bernardi, Tony Abbott's Parliamentary Secretary, says Australia should forbid people wearing the garment, which is worn by women in some Islamic traditions for the purpose of hiding a female's body when out in public.

The burqa covers a person completely, apart from a slit for eyes.

Mr Bernardi denied his call is an attack on religious freedoms, insisting that allowing the garment to be worn made Australia a "less inclusive" society.

On Saturday, Belgium became the first European country to ban clothes or veils that cover the face, with France expected to follow suit later this month amid fierce public debate.

NSW police say a gunman wearing a full black burqa and sunglasses got away with a bag of cash following an armed robbery in a Sydney car park.
Should wearing a burqa be banned in Australia?
The 35-year-old victim identified his assailant as male after he was threatened with a pistol and told to hand over cash.
The victim, who was working as a distributor of cash to jewellery businesses, had withdrawn a large amount of cash from a shopping centre in Miranda, in Sydney's south, at about 5pm yesterday.
While making the withdrawal, he noticed two men who appeared to be following him around the shopping centre.
He returned to his vehicle in the car park when one of the men approached him and told him his tyre was going flat.
The man became suspicious and drove away to change his tyre in a nearby street before driving to a shopping centre in Hurstville.
There, he was approached by a man wearing a full black burqa and sunglasses and told to hand over the cash, police said today.
Police are now searching for two men who may be able to assist their inquires.

The men are aged about 20 to 25, of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance and about 170cm tall.
One was wearing a white cap, blue t-shirt and blue faded jeans and the other was unshaven and wearing a blue cap, a grey t-shirt with black writing on it, blue jeans and dark coloured sunglasses.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Liberal Senator Cory Bernadi wants to follow France and ban the Burqa, calling it "the most public symbol of fundamentalist Islam".
In an Internet blog, the South Australian Senator said some supporters of fundamentalist Islam wanted to impose sharia law here.
It beggars belief that civil rights{Burqa supporters} don't recognise they are defending a political agenda that has the cessation of civil rights as its ultimate goal.
................................................................................................................................................................ .
Western women wearing clothing inappropriate to the local customs of Some Muslim Countries, would be hauled off to gaol quickly and severe penalties imposed, such as caning or even being stoned to death. Vest.


Jo Sanders. said…

The Health Department has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of a highly infectious disease.

The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectim.

It’s pronounced “Gonna re-elect ‘em,” and it is a terrible risk to us all.

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Many victims contracted it when they elected the Rudd Labor Government ... but now most people, after having been infected for the past 3 years, are starting to realize how destructive this sickness can be, particularly the latest strain to emerge: the Gillard Labor Government.

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You take Liberal amounts of Votemout as soon as it becomes available (probably late August) and simply don’t engage in such risky behaviour again; otherwise, it could become permanent and eventually wipe out all life as we know it.
kate...fb. said…
It isn't fair for the muzzy men, most dunno what the bride looks like, most of the muslim sheilas wear them cos they are real fish faced ugly.Luvs ya vesty , Kate xxx.
Jimmy said…
I find BURKHA verry sexy
western women dress to reveal all

very little left for the imagination
Anonymous said…
There should be more research as to why so many european countries want the burqa banned in public places, (lets not go beserker over the burqa) not many australian mums would want their five year olds taught by a teacher wearing a burqa.
Anonymous said…
The basic issue, which is overlooked, isthat wearing less clothes can be liberating in itself. the more clothing a person wears, the more restricted they are.
For those who do not support the ban, I suggest they are living in the wrong society and should seek to join one where burqas are sociably acceptable.
That society is not Australia.
Sharma, Sydney. said…
Muslim men are superior to all women, women are inferior people for use only for gratification of muslim men, it is the ancient law.
Amy. Swansea. said…
Sharma, you mean women are simply sperm receptables, Be about right you Greasy Pig.
Jimmy said…
some bad boys in the West wud say sperm bag
Jimmy said…
dont look at me like dat hon
I am from INDIA

we call our women DEVI
Sharma, Sydney. said…
Vest -why do U allow rude behaviur to me from the Amy person, muslims are not pigs, but mebbie she is.
Vest said…
Sharma: You opened the can of worms with a tirade of your insane religious arrogance, people on my site have the right to reply in kind, if Amy does not reply soon,rest assured my answer will be soon forthcoming.
Jimmy said…

in INDIA and PAKISTAN and Sri Lanka
if u use your left hand to touch your food, the guys at the table will feel like throwing up

the left hand is reserved for washing your ass after a shit
Jimmy said…
and washing your hands after a shit is not enuff

u supposed to have a bath after the shit before u say Pooja and eat breakfast

if u dont bathe every day, u r called a dirty pig
Jimmy said…
Hindus dont eat BEEF coz the cow is a sacred animal

and Muslims and Jews dont eat PORK coz the pig is a dirty animal

and Christians eat BEEF and PORK and All
Jimmy said…

But once inside the house Jade began to have suspicions that there was one housemate getting special treatment, Shilpa Shetty.

The Bollywood actress from a privileged background and the girl from the backstreets of Bermondsey were uneasy bedfellows.

Jade says: "I got the impression the producers jumped through hoops for Shilpa Shetty.

"This was magnified in my mind because in the house she informed us of certain things (obviously none of this was screened, though).

"Looking back, she may have been winding us up. But Shilpa specifically told us all she had insisted on certain clauses in her contract.

"Apparently one was that if she went into the diary room and asked for something (within reason) she got it.

"I kept thinking, 'This isn't the Big Brother I'd known, where you only got stuff if you earned it.'

Regret ... tears flow as Jade Goody realises her fall from grace on exiting the Big Brother house
"Such things weigh on your mind when nothing else is going on."

Tension built and it was not long before an ugly row erupted in which Jade - her face contorted with anger - spat out the phrase "Shilpa poppadom".

A national star had fallen from grace and was being labelled a racist. The depth of feeling became glaringly apparent as Jade exited the house.

She says in her book: "I stepped out to the silence of the Big Brother compound. It was eerie. Davina looked at me stony-faced.
Jimmy said…
But this time Davina's words couldn't have been more different. 'Jade, what have you done?' "

Jade tried to make amends, telling Davina on TV: "With my hand on my heart I apologise to anyone that I have offended... I meant no hate.

"I can't justify myself when I look back at that.

"Yes, I said those things and they are nasty, but I am not a racist... I shouldn't have done that... This made my career and it will end it. "

And it almost did. Within a month Jade had been diagnosed with depression and was admitted to rehab centre The Priory.
Jimmy said…
Jade's bodyguard had sent her the message: "You OK, Jade? Standing here at the final. Shilpa's won.

"The crowd are booing. But at home on TV everyone can only hear cheers."

After the furore surrounding the spat finally subsided and Jade left rehab, the pair eventually made peace.

The young mother-of-two even agreed to take part in the Indian version of Big Brother, Bigg Boss, hosted by Shilpa.

But the curse of reality TV was about to rear its head once more.

On live TV, in August last year, Jade learned she had cancer.

She says in her autobiography: "In the familiar surroundings of a TV diary room chair, I was told my fate.

"Only this time I wasn't being told I should put on some clothes or be quiet. I was being told something much more serious.

"I had cancer. And I needed to go back to the UK for treatment immediately.
Jimmy said…
The Life of Your Dreams
Waking Up

Sometimes the life we planned for a limited conception of ourselves no longer fits as we evolve and change.
Jimmy said…
Many of us are familiar with the experience of waking up to the fact that our lives are no longer working the way we have set them up.

Sometimes this is due to a shift occurring inside ourselves over time, and sometimes it is part of the larger shift that is currently affecting all humanity.

Change is happening at such an increased rate that it is difficult to predict what the future holds.

As a result, many of the old ways of planning out a life are no longer applicable, and if we cling to them we feel strangely out of tune with reality.

If we are in tune with the energies around us, we will begin to question ideas that just a few years ago seemed sensible.
Jimmy said…
In the simplest terms, the shift we are undergoing right now has to do with recognizing ourselves as being more than human, remembering that our earthly aspects are a very small part of who we are.

In truth, we are multidimensional beings. When we begin to realize this, the life we planned for a limited conception of ourselves no longer fits.

We must meet the needs and qualifications not only of our bodies but also of our souls.

This realization dawns slowly for some and with the suddenness of a bolt of lightning for others, and we all must find the way that works for us to integrate this new and larger sense of self into our life plan.

Sometimes a drastic change feels totally right, and overnight we might decide to sell our home and move to another country or quit our job and begin a second career.

Other times, we allow the changes to proceed slowly, beginning perhaps with allowing ourselves to dream of a new life or just to ask the deeper questions that encourage us to discover our true purpose in life.

Either way, know that this process is a natural sign of the growth we are all going through, and trust it to guide you to the life of your dreams.
Jimmy said…
Sharma from Sydney
u r a silly person and no gentle man

no gentle man will refer to Amy person as the source of Ham
Jimmy said…
more on the FAITH Industry ..

the times they are a-changing ....

was a time when POLAND was catlik
it was OK if Hitler ruled
coz Hitler was catlik

it was OK if he gassed the JEWS
the JEWS killed Jesus, the POPE said

eye for an eye
a time to love and a time to hate
a time to make Peace and a time to go to WAR

and stone the adulteress
and stuff like dat

the POPE has forgotten that JESUS was crucified coz HE tried to reform the Law of Moses

and abolish the rituals from religion
AMY, Swansea said…
The people who support the Taliban and the hideous restrictions placed on their women are lesser than two legged selfish pigs and treat women as sperm receptables.
A dog in Afghanistan is more privileged than Women in Afghanistan.
Women have no rights whatsoever.

Jimmy, you are one big loud mouth sexist with a tiny dried up dick and a brain to go wih it.

Amy, liberal Staffer.
Jimmy said…
Oh Amy

longing to see more of u
Jimmy said…
Anti-US 'tirade' upsets Obama man
Mohammed Wajihuddin,

Tags:saudi arabia|mumbai|israel
MUMBAI: Rashad Hussain, the Barack Obama administration's Muslim face, was in for a shock on Tuesday when the head of a city-based Muslim institution slammed the US' policies, not just in the Middle East, but towards Muslims everywhere.

Hussain who is of Indian origin-his mother is from UP, father from Bihar and they migrated to the US in the '70s-is Obama's special envoy to the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC).

He is currently touring India to build upon the engagement plan Obama famously outlined in his June 2009 speech in Cairo.

However, Akhtar Hasan Rizvi, NCP's national general-secretary and head of the Rizvi group of educational institutions, lashed out at America, calling it the creator of many "problems'', including Israeli-Palestine conflict and the Taliban.

"I apologise if my views hurt you but let me tell you that the Muslim anger against the US will not subside with just this pacify-the-Muslim mission,'' said Rizvi at the meeting organised at the school of architecture at Rizvi College in Bandra.
Jimmy said…
Rizvi held America responsible for many woes in the Muslim world.

"You supplied arms to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war, then invaded Iraq in the name of searching for weapons of mass destruction. You created the Taliban with the help of Pakistan. You have been backing Israel ever since its creation. First, right the wrongs that you have created if you want to establish peace in the world,'' said Rizvi to applause from the students.

Shocked, Hussain who had earlier talked about the Obama administration's resolve to partner with the Muslim world for winning hearts and minds, shot back: "I reject the conspiracy theories that are being floated. At a school of architecture, I would expect people to look forward, be positive and not get trapped in the past.''

Hussain appeared so upset with Rizvi's trenchant comments that he almost left the dais and wanted to walk out but the meeting's conductor, Akhtar Chauhan, also director of the institute, requested him to stay back. Earlier, Hussain announced that the US had undertaken a programme to eradicate polio from two thickly Muslim-populated states of Bihar and UP.

He also said the US had collaborated with the government of Saudi Arabia to administer H1N1 vaccine to Haj pilgrims.

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