Dragging the Chain.

Mon July 14 Hi everyone. Haven't been posting recently, other domestic issues have taken priority also health issues. Although generally I feel fine and I am getting about quite well, Its these Doctors who keep finding faults in my system, although the area above the shoulders is in near peak condition..
 I have an appointment With the Anesthetist this Thurs prior to my Op on  (When it suits them at 24Hrs notice) plus a circulation test on the 28th.

The weather Monday one might consider to be normal for the time of the year, dry overcast a warmer wind from the North (yes North)and some sunshine, recently temperatures fell to 0.8 deg overnight (local) the coldest on record .Aborigines are telling us its the coldest since the dream times,
crafty lot our fellow Ozzie's - they only do a rain dance when they get a high tech weather forecast.

Today, Bastille day is my eldest G/daughters birthday, I believe her name is Kylie ? but will she remember my 4th 21st this Friday. Nah!.  I 'll be popping over to the Masonic club for a few J W's.

Lovely weather today, spent most of it jobbing and sunning in the garden, my left thumb and forefinger have a permanent visitor named 'Arfer Itis' I have learned to accept the ^$(*@#^ pain, would'nt know what to do with my hand if it came good. Then again it would improve access to this keyboard.

Over the weekend we popped down to Nth Richmond NSW For the 40th birthday celebs of Mandy, the partner of our son David. Gone midnight we eventually arrived at the home of our son Andrew, who lives a few k's further, we were eating Kentucky fried and drinks until gone past two Am . Woke about 4am with my mouth seized up, no one wanted breakfast.

Andrew, Samantha and their two children live on a 17.5 Acre property in Grose vale NSW with all mod cons, 4 br, huge living areas, beautiful interior throughout, a former (dated ?) farmhouse.

 Charlotte 4 rides a 50cc m/bike. there are five horses too, one is 'Shadow' Andrew's  Sis-in-law Rebecca's polo pony.
The property goes down the slope to a permanent creek(fishing). it sort of makes Our son Tony's 5acre Beach side place down the coast  look a bit small.

A pigeon arrived about a week back and has taken up residence in our garage, it flys around with other pigeons but remains distant when feeding. I have placed a box to collect the fertilizer where it perches o/night. it has a red ring on its left leg and a green one on its right leg .I have named it 'Portanstarbird.'

The two Anon Rellos who recently gave me some stick over my handling of the Pr/S, and left a trail of their trademarks. Pr/S- his keeping up with the pretence, may suffice to keep you convinced until he drops his guard and the truth is exposed, please let me know when ,then I'll send an epistle of condolence to ease your despair. We  meaning the Pr/S mater and pater , elder sibling and ex betrothed and issue are still being deluged with unwarranted cat calling and major venomous remarks. However, we all can share the luxury of  contentment knowing full well our best efforts to appease Pr/S cannot be bettered, so as far as I am concerned " you can like it or lump it" It would seem any peace accord would be likened to that of one with Herr Shickelgruber himself.

Pr/S: The people who created you as a smalll bundle of joy in the first instance , Will never stop loving you, but we cannot condone your major inadequacies brought about by your self.
Ma and Pa and your family.xx.
Everyone 'Have a peaceful day'  Vest.


IMS said…
When I was younger, I could remember anything,
whether it happened or not.
- Mark Twain

Thirty five is a very popular and attractive age;
London society is full of women who have of
their own free choice
remained thirty-five for years.

And now that you finally got your head together
your body starts falling apart.

May the celebration of all the days of your life
be like the first one you can remember.

Happy Birthday Vest......

Vest said…
Thankyou IMS AKA Andrew Burt.
Jimmy said…
Happy bday buddy
did ROSE kiss u?

hope so
or I will
Rosemary said…
To my dear Hubby AKA Vest.

I love You when your laughing and when you're teasing me...
I Love You when you fall asleep in front of the TV...
I Love You when you surprise me with something fun to share and when grovel shamelessly for tender loving care...
I Love You when your telling me, just how things should be done and even when you're snoring! (OK! I lied on one)...
I Love the little quirks that make You Uniquuely "You"...
And I Love You even more today than when I said 'I Do"
Happy 4th 21st.

He's 84 today 84 today ...he's got four keys to the door and never been eighty four before. .............
............... ............
He's eighty four today "Hooray"
WALLY. said…
My Mum say's Happy Birthday to you Vesty.and we wish you all the best, and she sends her love too.xoxox.
Vest said…
Rosemary; Sweet As Roses.

Sweet as fragrent roses
'Tis to have a friend.
On whom in gloom and sunshine.
We know we can depend.
Jimmy said…
On Posting frequency

Kate...fb. said…
Happy birthday Vesty Luvs ya lots. Kate xxx
Jimmy said…
used the Govt Courier Service SPEED POST

I bet it wont be speedy
wont be fast like Katie
Jimmy said…
ROSEs are red
Violets are blue

and may u have funn till u r a hundred and fifty two
Aus relative said…
Vest did you enjoy your birthday while out there somewhere your P/S as you call him is indire need of help.Why not club together and fund his rehabilitation-that wouldn't be too difficult.
Vest said…
Aus Relative: Read my new post.
Jimmy said…
We want to see pics of BIRTHDAY PARTY

not only DAY
we want to see what u did that NIGHT too
Jimmy said…
cudnt find your NEXT post

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