So you can't afford to pay the Mortgage this month !!

It is probably because you could not afford  to protect  your payments with sickness insurance. or your fees at the non govt school have arrived, or maybe a vet bill for treating your great Dane and poodle for distemper has arrived on the mat, or the worst scenario the Xmas credit card bill has arrived with the electric bill which had a boost to it on this occasion because of the greedy air-conditioner keeping your freeloading Christmas guests cool, and to top it all  the children -all four have intestinal worms from handling the flea ridden bum licking dogs, which are the cause of most family strife and unnecessary expense than any thing else.
Mans best friend could actually be his worst enemy, with the average bow wow creating 1200 arguments during its average life span of twelve years, that is two serious arguments each week but does not include the minor spats, major upsets include the responsibility of whose  turn it is to walk the dog, or feeding these greedy money gobblers, also their housing which creates holiday problems.
 Most owners argue whether these mobile flea circuses should be allowed access to living areas within the house and slobbering on furnishings and of course not forgetting the mine field of  Bow wos calling cards dotted like cow pats around what was once the flower garden near the the back door now permanently closed to keep the flies out of the house.
Most families argue over the training and humanising of their dogs,  also having shoes and children's toys chewed.
The breaking up of families has been a major case created by dog disputes, lackadaisical attitudes by irresponsible family members over  dog control is the main problem.

TIP: without those two dogs, you can pay off your mortgage much quicker.Your children will be healthier and your time spent with children improved

Vest Say's: The Nobelist dog is the 'Hot Dog', It feeds the hand that bites it.
Have a careful weekend remember today is Friday 13.
And for those careful dog owners, 'Bless you'.
Back soon.


Anonymous said…
A house trained pig has been assessed as much cleaner and healthier to have around the house, fact.
Vest said…
Anon: you may have something there.

Feral teens and pigs would be about Par.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Vesty, a pig would be the better option if a severe roasting became necessary. Mike.
WALLY. said…
Been on a 12 day cruise - not bad and got laid the last four nights
probley go again soon.
Vest said…
Wally:I hope you don't make a habit of bonking on cruise ships.
These lustful exploits sometimes return to bite you.
Tip: always use and carry a false identity card or address which can be left at the scene.


Bob left his friends name and address with the aged lady he had sex with.
A year later his friend told Bob the lady had died and left him her whole estate.
Jamie Mack said…
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