While engaged in domestic chores in the back garden, Aug 2, I sliced the webbing between my left forefinger and thumb. The deep cut produced about half an armful of blood and the missus freaked out when she SAW it, however, the missus has recovered from the shock.
Incidently, my left hand is expected to be fully recovered within a week from now; when the Doc will remove the needle-work, meanwhile I am typing at 5 wpm on right hand drive.
Expressions of sympathy will be warmly welcomed.
Vest, Daily Gaggle.


Anonymous said…
Hardly a slice of good luck, I hope it isn't too SAW, Meet me at the club tonight YOB.
Vest said…
Dave. Without hammering it home. It's much worse than a sore thumb when you miss the nail.
Ouch. I'm just cringing even as I'm typing this.

I could never be a medic because I can't stand the sight of other people's blood (unless of course I don't like the guy).

So Vest, tonight here in town, we celebrate Fiesta Days. I'll raise a toast in your honor. To a speedy recovery. Stitches suck. I've had plenty of 'em in my 30+ years on this planet (most caused by being a dumb redneck - "hey y'all, watch this!")
tshsmom said…
Poor baby! How's that for sympathy? You sound just like my husband. He's ALWAYS got a healing gash or second degree burn on his hands. The only difference is that he always refuses to get stitches; he expects me to patch him up. Good thing I'm not squeamish like ZS.
I hope your darling wife scolded you about being more careful in the future. Stay out of the garden until you're healed! We don't want any nasty infections.
Unknown said…
Ouch! Hope it gets better fast. One-handed typing would drive me to insanity!

I can run fast??
Vest said…
Thank you Tshsmom-Jenn-ZS & Dave for your sympathy, I am now on the road to recovery, still sore after the removal of the stitches.
Tomorrow I am attending the march in Sydney; about 3Klms, the 60th ann of the end of ww2, we have to get up at 4-30 am to catch the train to Sydney from Budgewoi on the beautiful central coast, many ancient comrades will be there, the train takes over an hour longer than driving, but the problem is trying to park the car, virtually impossible.

Vest Daily Gaggle.
Vest said…
Jenn, how fast and for how long?.
Vest - It's getting harder and harder every year for me to find WWII vets. I love hearing old war stories, so I hope you can convince some of your friends to either type 'em up or record them onto a media format that will last. Believe me, there will be someone who'd love to collect them and publish them. It might be me when I get out of this stupid profession.

Have a great time.
Vest said…
I am now back in circulation after a bout of collie wobbles and social activities, my left hand has healed well, only a small scar.

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