The Gungho Gun Toting Loonies are having a field day.

Seattle: A Gunman killed six young revellers at a 'Zombie Party' in a Seattle house yesterday and then shot himself in the head when confronted by police as he left the house, officials said. This is an extract from the Sydney Daily Telegraph (my favourite newspaper). This sort of happening would go un-noticed in the 'Good o'l US of A Tabloids, it would be far too common to raise public interest, if one failed to read about it; there would be a similar killing soon to follow within hours.
However for Ozstrayer readers there is a full page to feast on.

A local OZ shooter states that because 60% of murders in 2003-04 were bashings and stabbings, Knives are more dangerous than guns.(That is a load of codswallop).

Perhaps the more logical interpretation is because most murders are not premeditated, the perpetrators simply had used what they had available, and because they were hard to get, guns were used less frequently.

Here are some other statistics: In the USA, they record an average of 88 Gun Deaths a day. In 40% of cases, the weapon is the Persons own gun turned on themselves.
Fewer Guns equals fewer Gun-Deaths. Crimminals will always find ways to obtain weapons, but if we limit the supply we can limit the damage.

Sporting Shooters and people working on the land should have limited access to guns, but the harder we make it for the man on the street to get a gun, the fewer Gun Deaths we will have to endure.


Anonymous said…
hi vesty--maybe that zombieslayer guy was there knocking over zombies
Vest said…
Gordon I am sure that, the zombie slayer known to me would not be the person in question at that macabre scenario in Seattle. Z S theatrical statements are pure supposition, it is a fun thing done by him to give us all a good laugh now and then , not to be taken too seriously Gordon, ok.
Anonymous said…
Sir, as for your comment,"This sort of happening would go un-noticed in the 'Good o'l US of A Tabloids, it would be far too common to raise public interest, if one failed to read about it; there would be a similar killing soon to follow within hours." I beg to differ. While I appreciate your comments and thoughtful insight, I can assure you that acts such as these do not go unnoticed. In fact, this is not common behavior but is the exception rather than the rule...albiet, violent behavior will always garner more news coverage then positive behavior...simply said, that is what sells. I have read many of your posts regarding guns and gun ownership...I don't own a gun and none of my friends own guns...I feel that it is a common misconception that each American has a strongbox full of loaded weapons. This is not the case. Personally, I live in the heart of "cowboy" country and by cowboy, I mean both in ocupation and mentality...and by mentality, I mean a sense of rugged independence...I have yet to see anyone swagger along the street carrying a six shooter, glock, Colt Combat Commander or any other sidearm for that matter. These facts aside, more murders and killings are occurring on a daily basis in a small border town on the Mexican side called Nuevo Laredo, about it. in addition, I must take exception with your inaccurate portrayal of US Citizens...By reading your posts, one would assume that ALL Americans are potential killers and All are afraid to leave the home. The image you relate is akin to one that I might take up regarding Australians...oil cans of Fosters...wrestling crocs...shooting roos a la Crocodile Dundee...I feel that at times, you choose to denounce our society and our way of life. I would personally love to show you around Texas or Georgia (my home state)or any other state for that matter...I would love to introduce you to a cross section of "real America" but I suspect you have visited the USA and have formed your own opinion via news outlets and not through personal experiences. By the way, my weapon of choice for is 2 Staffordshire Terriers...and before you negatively berate them, they are far more accurate than the average street punk with a knife and easier to recall than a bullet. trip to the US, announce it here...I would be happy to meet you.
Vest said…
Sam in Texas: I do tend to regard the black letter callers as anonymous.
Sam your reply has merit, nice not to receive a nasty reply.
Previous bouts with U/S cits left me with the opinion that most applaud the home ownership of firearms in general, quoting an ancient # amendment from the 1700's.
Sam your choice of weapons is to be deplored, sorry about this, however Staffordshire terriers indeed, by this you mean Stafforshire PIT BULL Terriers.
Sam you sly dog, those dogs can create more carnage to an adversary than Tom Micks twin six guns. This particular breed of dog cannot be imported into Australia, neither may people breed them here, all present owners of these animals have been issued with strict guidelines how to control their charges, examples are; leashed at all times in public, wear a muzzle and must be either spayed or de-nutted.
This situation was in retaliation to the past behaviour of these animals, attacking children and other animals over the more recent years.
Excerpt from a book by yours truly. Later we attended a domestic dispute inside a trailer park that housed married U/S Navy personnel, when we arrived a very angry person with a shotgun fired at us , shattering the wind shield of our truck, on returning to my ship I was asked " How did things go?" I replied, "It was a quiet evening according to the yanks".(This happened about two hours after I stepped ashore in the U?S for the first time.
Thank you for your comment Sam.
Vest said…
sorry about the typo's in the last comment. BTW
"The Noblest Dog is the Hotdog,
It feeds the hand that bites it".
Anonymous said…
back from the holy -land last Sun. may call this Sat -will ring.
Sams post, it seems familiar! also checked (DENOUMENT) lost an E, Denouement to disentangle, pretty word Sam.
Anonymous said…
Vest, my dogs are always on a leash and inside a fenced compound designed so that they can not dig out nor jump over...They are trained and sociable animals; however, they carry the stigma that you speak of. True, they are territorial and protective of their human counterpart. I am not a supporter of dog fighting or animal abuse...both have been neutered and spayed, one male and one female...with mixed gendered partners, there is less dominate behavior from one to the other...I simply love their personality as they can be the most loving and goofy animals I have ever known. In truth, they are my favorite companions and, are at my feet at this moment. Regarding the excerpt, these types of characters are evident in all societies as you may agree.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the correction Dave... and thank you for the compliment.
Vest said…
Sam has uncovered this uncommon word; Denouement, meaning to disintangle, it is a pity one cannot use it as a command word, so to enable the content of complicated comment to become intelligible.

bridget ; hang on to you U/S P P.
I am a dual cit Brit & Oz P Pts.
Vest - Heard this one.

Gordon - Wasn't me. ;)
I'm in California.
BadGod said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BadGod said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Bad god; "Begone foul Varlet" you were warned that you would be deleted if you returned, (D)
Anonymous said…
Owner jailed over killer dogs.

NEW YORK: A woman whose three pit bull terriers mauled an 82 year old neighbour to death, has been awarded 3 years in the slammer.
Deanna Large 37, was held responsible for the death of Dorothy Sullivan who had been walking her dog, a shih tzu, which also was killed.

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