Australians were more likely to be victims of crime than any other developed country.
More alarmingly criminals were also resorting to holding up people in the streets.
A similar armed robbery spree occurred last Sept.
The latest report from the Bureau of crime statistics reveals that of all robberies without a weapon , only 13 percent were solved within 90 days. For robberies with a firearm, the figure was 9.3 per cent.


Vest said…
Statistics show that 75 per cent of all major crime activity in the Sydney Met Area involves people residing in the South West of Sydney, where large ghettos of middle eastern and asians exist. These are fast becoming 'NO GO' zones for persons with western appearance.
Prison records show that the less than 10 per cent of the population in these areas ; provide more than 50 per cent of the slammer population.
Vest said…
Here we go again, just retrieved the paper from the wet front lawn (Mostly weeds)
Headlines: Two lebanese men shot dead. Police abused at murder scene. Reprisals feared after 22 drive by shootings.
The murders of two men in a hail of bullets in a Sydney suburban street could tip Sydney into a violent gun war, the bulk of the shootings have been by persons of Middle eastern background from sth/west of Sydney the story goes on and on.
Anonymous said…
Before this country was swamped with muslims, we did not have drive by shootings, terrorist threats, people didn't get together in groups and shoot each other, gang rapes were unheard of and the list goes on. Personally I dont care if muslims want to go around killing each other. its just one less we have to deal with.
Anonymous said…
DufvPn write more, thanks.

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