Postman post man don't be slow .... be,,

Like the Comet and go man Go. and so the De Havilland comet used in the late fifties to deliver mail also passenger services to the far east from Britain, surpassed most mail services we have today. Example Mail posted at 9am in London was being delivered to the recipient in Singapore 54 hours later. However, two birthday cards sent from NSW down under in Australia posted on the third of July arrived here presumably by 'Horse and cart' yesterday the 11Th of July, a hazardous journey of approx 250 kilometers as the crow flies to The lovely little seaside hamlet of Budgewoi, also in NSW Australia. Email services are becoming slower especially when dealing with the public service sector in NSW Ostrayer. Today a simple yes or no type reply was received by email from our local council offices in Wyong NSW after nineteen days of wandering in the outback wilderness, via the black stump. Back soon.... Vest.


Anonymous said…
I do hope your birthday card arrives on time posted 9am friday.
Davo Of North Richmond.
Chris B said…
I have a recent similar tale of woe about email and the St.George Bank. It took them six days to answer the question, "Where are your historical interest rates?". The answer was, "I am sorry they are no longer available online."

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