Final Letter to Wyong Council.NSW Australia

From: Les Bowyer To: Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 3:19 PM Subject: Abuse of Council property. I would like to draw to your attention to the unkempt state of the road verge adjoining the property known as 11 Kewalo Avenue, Budgewoi. Since the visit of a Council Ranger a few weeks ago relating to another matter which was resolved, namely the parking of vehicles on the nature strip thereby blocking access to pedestrians etc. My registered trailer was parked on the nature strip for the purpose of preventing the nice gentleman at no 13 from destroying our frontage as he has done to his by using our frontage as an exit from his property (Nature strip). It has taken the person at Number 13 at least two weeks beyond the visit of said Ranger to get used to the Idea of not parking on the Said nature strip. Said neighbour parks his Ivan M type Vehicle actually in the water course, the passenger side wheels facing north and one metre from the bitumen edge. This in effect has left our frontage at Number 11 in a sorry state. I leveled the mess out last week but the nice person from number 13 has performed again. It seems on leaving for his employment in the early hours, he wheelies around in a tight circle which also involves the cutting up the verge of the property across the road in addition to his rampage. On Monday 25 June we placed two bins strategically across our section thereby making the neighbour park in front of his property the bins were removed today. Hopefully he will find this more convenient. *****However, the mess remains and will remain until someone other than myself comes to sort it out. The reason for this being, the maintenance of the grassed area cannot be carried out properly, and as a result the grass can grow as high as you want it to grow as I shall avoid any further maintenance period. Anyhow it is the Council's property and we have no use for it. Should you wish to contact me please telephone 43908894 between 0830 and 1200 for an appointment to discuss this matter at my address. Yours Sincerely, Leslie I Bowyer. 11 Kewalo avenue , Budgewoi NSW .......AKA, Vest Daily make an interesting post what say you, have a thoughtful day. BTW: this mess if left unattended. will make an ideal Mosquito breeding ground. PS: Are all other vehicles in our street exempt from these Council orders. ----- Original Message ----- From: Les Bowyer To: Sent: Friday, July 06, 2012 3:06 PM Subject: Fw: Abuse of Council property. Dear Public Servant. This message relates to previous message attached. It would seem little or nothing has transpired regarding any action taken in respect of my previous message. Unfortunately we the occupants of 11 Kewalo Ave, do on some pretence or other leave the premises for varied activities relating to the general course of living, so it can be safely assumed the possibility of an incoming phone call from Council may have been inadvertently missed; possibly. However, due to several days of the previous week having someone in attendance to receive incoming calls the likelihood is that this has not happened. The present situation sees the Mr Wonderful next door at No 13 continue to park his Ivan M type truck in the slush and mud of the Ditch / Waterway which would more than likely be a parking offence also one of defacing public property- Please reply by phone or email your intentions soonest. please also re- re read ***** in previous in previous message. Thank you Leslie J Bowyer. 11, Kewalo Ave, Budgewoi. BTW, I am 86 years of age and my wife 78 yesterday, we are too frail to carry out major earthworks and unable to dig or repair council ditches on a voluntary basis, anyhow, I don't have a shovel. Quote, 'Give me a firm place to stand and I will move the earth. ..Archimedes. Letter sent Tuesday July 31.2012. To Whom it may concern @wyong council offices. G-day if you are human or ZING ZING tiddly ding if you are a mechanical device. Once More I am contacting you with further advice on the continuing saga of the frontage at 11 Kewalo as above,NOTHING WHATSOEVER HAS BEEN CONDUCTED BY YOUR ORGANIZATION TO RECTIFY THIS UNPLEASANT SITUATION. The present state of the frontage is one of chaos ; which has been created by Mr. xxxxx next door at number 13. Three days ago I took my aged and frail body Aged 86 with garden tools and leveled off the area being it had dried out a little, the day following (Sunday) 29 inst. As the grass(lawn?) was dry I was able to eventually use the mower in between stoppages for heart murmurs and revitalizing drinks of water.during that time Mr. xxxx's truck was parked in the ditch, thus preventing me from even trying to trim any foliage his truck was covering. shortly after he left and on his return he knowingly parked illegally between our wheelie bin and the nature strip, his truck sloped at an acute angle. This was in my opinion and that of the Policeman we called upon as totally unnecessary as his driveway - capacity for two cars was at the time available to accommodate his truck. This morning Mr xxxx had left at 0700approx, but he had parked over night despite police orders not to; on said area in contention, leaving it in as much sickening mess as before. At this point in time I am requesting that some one from your organization; preferably large and muscular, call upon said miscreant at 13 Kewalo and deal with this problem effectively and with permanence in mind or and, with a 'Or else' option. Would you please try to contact me soonest in order to discuss this matter further if such is necessary. Tomorrow will not be a suitable time due to much of tomorrow I shall be slightly fuzzy , this being due to my being in hospital in Gosford having an operation on my inner parts, then should I escape death I shall be celebrating my prodigal son's birthday on Thursday 2nd Aug. Please contact me soonest before Xmas if possible or before the grass in the ditch will be three feet tall. AVAGDAY Leslie j Bowyer.----- Original Message ----- To desire and strive to be of some service to the world, to aim at doing something which shall increase the happiness and welfare of mankind - this is a choice which is possible for all of us and surely is a good haven to sail for. Vest Daily Gaggle .com ..... Back soon ? Hopefully!!!.


WALLY. said…
Same as our Clover Moore mob in Sydney council, bunch of Latte swillers with fat assholes.
Vest said…
Wally: her F/A created by excessive cycling around the rarely used CBD Bicycle lanes.
Anonymous said…
How dare you be insubordinate to your elected councillors, shame on you. Ha Ha.
Vest said…
Anon; I have never felt subordinate to anyone for the past 46 years, Particularly to wobble head 'D' grade pollies IE local councillors who misdirect their jelly head bureaucrats who in turn fail to implement the simplest tasks expected of them such as in dealing with the problems I have indicated in this post.
Thank you for your comment.
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Vest said…
FTA: Yes I know. You and I are the only persons recently to share your opinion.
Anonymous said…
Hi Vesty
You are not alone... There are arrogant a/holes everywhere. I am having similar problems with a nature strip abusing a/hole with three cars (one of which is a large van). Hasn't gone as far as your situation as yet, but I am prepared to win the war. I mean how can we lose when we are in the right, right?
I had enough of this guys continued assault on my nature strip and contacted the council without mentioning my house number, just seeking their comments, and they sent out a ranger the next day. He delivered a note requesting the delightful fellow to not park on the nature strip... (they put it into my letterbox by mistake!!!???) however my wife didn't want me to put it into the neighbours letter box, preferring a softer approach. The problem with arrogant SOB's like this is that they make their problem our problem. I will try to talk to him on the weekend, or at least his wife and see what happens. Our next step is to block access to the nature strip with pot plants and see if that works. I will deliver the letter or contact the council again, or put a hole in his engine block... I know which method would give me more pleasure... :) Never give up, never give up, never give up !!!
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Wyong Council.
Please answer these Q's. Does council think this is a joke,do you intend replying to me regarding this matter, are you on strike , does the asshole who lives next door work for the council (ie Closing of ranks situation) are all of the intelligent staff at council away on a holiday junket. do you think this will go away (It Will Not)
Are there any persons employed at council able to communicate in our native tongue - or do I need to communicate in Bengali, Hindi , Urdu or Swahili? I hope I am not correct believing you may speak Bludgerygalah That would be the final straw , however, I can understand a bit of Strayer mixed with Greek Maltese and Arabic. And just in Passing do you think I am cheesed off or in strine; Peed off, if so, you are correct and if so this could be the start of getting things sorted. Remember this may be a minor problem for council but ignoring these small problems gives all D/Heads the privilege to ride roughshod over all law abiding Cits, Les Bowyer. ----- Original Message -----
From: Anonymous
Lower deck lawyer. said…
are here:Home > About Council > Your Councillors > Councillor Bob Graham (Mayor)

Email a FriendPrint Page

Councillor Bob Graham (Mayor)

A Councillor since 1999.

Mayor in 2005-06, 2006-07, 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2011-12.

Deputy Mayor in 1999-2000, 2002-04, the last six months of 2005 and 2010-11.

Councillor Graham is married to Lorraine and they have lived in Berkeley Vale for 30 years. They have two adult children both living and working in Wyong Shire, and six grandchildren.

From 1988-1991, Councillor Graham was the State Member for The Entrance, and before that he owned the "Butchers Hook Butchery" at Chittaway and was proprietor of "Bob Graham's Wholesale Foods" smallgoods and fresh food distributors at Long Jetty. From 1992 to 2007, he had a Public Relations and Consulting company.

Councillor Graham has long been active in the community; he is a board member of the Central Coast Mariners Football Club and is Patron of Wyong Race Club. His other community involvement includes Berkeley Vale Public School Council; Central Coast Soccer Association, Central Coast United, Berkeley Vale, Tuggerah, Ourimbah University, The Entrance and Wyong Soccer Clubs, The Entrance Leagues Club, The Entrance Rugby Club, The Entrance Amateur Swimming Club, Shelly Beach S.L.S.C. and many more.

Councillor Graham is on the board of the Gosford/Wyong Councils' Water Authority, the Tuggerah Lakes Estuary Coastal and Floodplain Management Committee and the Wyong Shire Beach Liaison Committee.

He has also been a Justice of the Peace since 1971, Reg. No. 105668.

B Ward
Ph: (02) 4350 5211
Vest said…
Anon and LDL:
Cant say I have met the said Bob Graham personally but I did contact him I believe in 1996 when I purchased the 3 bed mobile home or manufactured office he was replacing at his used caravan business in Wyoming NSW, Seems dear old lovable bob has too many irons in the fire and wearing so many hats he is neither master of would also seem that, incompetence is running riot among the lower echelons of political power in NSW and is rubbing off on the sedentary chair bound wallahs who are expected to deliver advice with subsequent action to the problems of the community, Simply put a bunch of 'Wobbleheads'.
Thank for your comment.
WALLY. said…
Hey vesty I recken Bob The Butcher has had his heavy thumb on more than the butcher shop weighing scales, my Mum asked me to write this, she sends her love, arn't you lucky!!!
C A.USA. said…
Recently in Kentucky a local government org was said to be employing on paper more employees than they actually had for years until a sore assed bitch blew her whistle when dumped.
Vest said…
Wally; thanks for the butcher joke, only I think it is still ongoing in some butchery outlets.

CA: You must be referring to a 'Boss Hogg' type crooked bunch of Knuckle heads.
The same goes here but people are unaware that their fate is in the hands of people who have less gumption than that of a 'Rocking Horse'.
WALLY said…
NSW AUS are having council elections Sept 8 If you dont vote you will be fined $55-00.
Anonymous said…
Mr Wally. In china only men have elections a lot become wasted cause of children one only per housewife and man.
you hav funny laws here. Lily C
cromwell said…
Must be like a constant Wank fest lily. no diapers to clean and more freedom for the women. (-o-)
Lily said…
You men and boys on this blog Google chinese virgin wives
Vest said…
Lilly. Cromwell and Wally: This post has nothing to do with elections births or erections, it concerns the ability of our ruling bodies at all levels and their ability to perform or be seen to perform the simple tasks they are supposed to be qualified to do.
Most people are aware that a few of these persons use these powers entrusted to them to feather their own nests and ignore the wailings of the oppressed Hoi Poll oi.
However on a more sombre or funny side there have been persons born in close knit communities over several generations - particularly in Tasmania who were born with two heads. Fortunately none of these became politicians - using one head with a me hat to speak with and the other head with a them hat refusing to listen.
The problem with the civil-public service is that they become entrenched in their work safe burrows and within a short space of time become knowledgeable of all the work dodging and benefit procuring dodges, which makes getting these people to perform their duties difficult particularly when it is a closed shop and the closing of ranks to protect their shortcomings is always available, even latent whistle blowers become obsessed with their latent bone idleness and find comfort in dishonesty
Chris B said…
From my experience with Wyong Council, it appears they have some sort of 'Dont Reply to Any Emails' policy. The only reason I can see for this is because emails are legal documents, and if they have dunderhead staff, they could easily make themselves liable. Regardless, they are definitely not accountable, and the only reason for dunderhead staff, is dunderhead management, which starts at the top with the mayor
Anonymous said…
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