Will the "New Germans" in Unclesamland repeal their antiquainted Gun Laws.

Anyone who agrees to the inane USA law " The right to bear arms, unconditionally, is off their Hill billy rocker. The law is so lackadaisical, that any unhinged bonehead in America and there are plenty of them - can acquire a weapon to wreak havoc on whom they please at their slightest whim. Fifty wounded souls and twelve indiscriminately put to death by a lunatic American Gun loony in a movie theatre at Denver Colorado. this was a new approach to mass murder inspired by the screening of a film(Movie) The Dark Knight Rises, a person (Male) carrying an assortment of weapons copying the antics of a character from the Movie. Colorado is not the only 'Horse Opera' gun slinging state of the union to allow this gun freedom. the widespread use of weapons as a first choice to settle disputes is rampant within the whole rotten core of the USA. An excerpt from my memoirs follows. While at Charleston, South Carolina,USA. I was sent ashore as the Ship's Limey representative with the US Navy shore patrol. During a discussion, an American officer asked me why I pronounced the rank of Lieutenant as Leftenant and not Lootenant. "Both spell Lieutenant" I replied, "However, our pronunciation does not infer they live in lavatories. Later we attended a domestic dispute at a trailer park that housed U/S Navy married personnel. When we arrived, a very angry person with a shotgun fired at us, shattering the wind shield of our truck. The driver then backed off and the police were called. When I arrived back on board my ship , I was asked, "How did things go?" I replied, "It was a very quiet evening according to the Yanks. God Bless America and all who sail in Her. Back soon VEST.


Anonymous said…
Gung Ho Yankee war hoodlams will fall before the increasing might of the yellow hordes they are fearful of
WALLY. said…
American Lootenants live in lavatories, as in dunny dwellers. very funny.
The Editor said…
They madly cling to their "right to bear arms" because of their deep-seated belief that the way to deal with "bad" government is armed revolt. And yet they have been shown time and again (even within their own country) that peaceful people power (if done right) trumps armed revolt every time. They even preach that stuff! Pity they're too paranoid to apply it.
Rosemary said…
A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil- but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and silly comments every so often just to save it drying out completely.
CA, USA. said…
So you are not in awe of the American dream and its succeses like the great strides we have made for mankind.
Vest said…
Affirmative CA, you guessed correctly that I am not in awe or into whores and I am awfully sorry for not being awestruck by your awesome pomposity.
It must be quiet this Sunday night in the morgue.
Thanks for calling.

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