Beaut Day, Couldn't wish for better. Plus civil war.

Up early this Sunday morning at 8-30, It had been a bit chilly getting into the PJ's earlier at 1 am; the starlit sky and full moon contributed to a frosty winters night, a peek through the bedroom curtains after a hurried trip to the dunny revealed a beautiful cloudless blue sky.
We had returned late last night from our club where nearest and dearest and I found the music (The Shuffle Boys)much more to our liking than the normal serve of 'Bang Clang Tripe', on this occasion we tripped the light fantastic or similar although, not quite as good as in the past, after a few minutes my back ached and my legs turned to jelly.
Back home at midnight we turned  on the TV to a pre recorded program 'Heart Beat' where one of the plots included a funny or pathetic re enactment of a 1600's English Civil war skirmish, re Olly Cromwell's New Model Army. Quite coincidentally but not intentional was the fact the program was shown on the 18th June 2011 the Anniversary of the Battle of Chalgrove Field, Eng/Civil War Fought at  0900 Thursday, 18th June 1643. (Read about it) My main interest is the fact I lived in the house named 'Chalgrove Field' back in the thirties.
It is now 3-08 pm  there is now a slight warm breeze coming from the north , still no cloud formations; clear as a bell and the sun although not high is a blessing from last weeks torrential rain.
Now is the time for sowing in the garden as the sun will start to track high on Wednesday  bringing warmer midday temps, sadly the night will remain cold until September.
Although I don't like to admit it, after sixty years of driving I must now have a driving test as well as a Medical, the next few days will be busy swotting and trying to make myself appear to be fit, dressing young helps too I have been told... we'll see, Black jeans rolled up sleeves punk haircut; keys condom box and cell phone attached to a black belt and professional driving gloves. what do you reckon?
I am allowed three strikes, if I fail I'll be back to my bike in the shed.
Must go now, I am the family Chef today we have dinner earlier on Sundays, will be back to spell check.
OK, Done, now Posting..... back later in the week, Have Fun..... Vest.


Chris B said…
Tip. It is no longer cool to attach your keys to a belt loop or your mobile to your belt
Jaded Jane said…
Thanks Vest for the Chalgrove info....
looked it up on Google.
Jane Stokes-Honour. said…

Cold and wet here. Mid summers day soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will always be young. Lots of love Janexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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