A sort of stalemate not a lot happening. except for...........feeling lucky!!

Just finished brekky; the sun is out  no clouds - could be warmer today after the crisp and cold winds coming in across the Tasman from the South, later  it should be nice in the garden sheltered from the wind.  the nervous crow who visits our garden came within three feet of me to be fed, still hand feeding three visiting magpies; one magpie perched briefly on my hand; it's the first and last time ( claws like needles).
We have had three lotto wins in the past three weeks-about time - but not  a sit on your ass for life amount, I am becoming greedy now because really i am quite satisfied with my lot both present and the er future?.
1210 pm back from the garden, Received a strange email from my fav newspaper, reads....

Daily Telegraph
Sunday Telegraph
Dear Mrs Sharma,
Subscriber number: 197028
As a loyal reader, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph are giving you even more value for the price of your subscription.

Your subscription to The Daily Telegraph opens doors to exclusive offers and competitions.
A complete on line 'Cock up' by the Sydney Daily Telegraph. Definitely would not be harbouring
'Anyone with such a moniker.' A bit weird ennit?

A 'Thank you to those two relatives replying to recent communications re B/cards and the like, maybe the other score or so may have dishonest mailmen or have forgotten who sent it,  maybe in the future I will have a temporary  bout of 'Old Timers' and forget too. Then again it may have already happened in my case , who am I to judge, must ask Nearest and Dearest has she picked up any marbles lately.

Haven't had news from the Norfolk rello's or the Midsommer M-----s location rello's, always expecting an epistle from Bro-in Law Dick, er Richard. Thank you Oxford ites and Channel Tunnellers and also the saucy solents and Pomponians.
After noon nap......
Evening Meal er Tea - Dinner. Chris is still asleep; his din dins in the micro wave. Rosemary has popped out to the club around the corner for the Sunday meat raffle;( the Aussie version of Sunday  evensong)
Ah What's this!
Email just arrived.
Sunday Telegraph
Dear Mr xxxxxxthats me Vest.....edited.
Subscriber number: 61136
It has come to our attention that a number of our subscribers may have received e-mails this morning, with the wrong customer details contained within them. The mistake was due to a technological issue in our IT department. Please be assured that none of your other details have been used, and any confidential information remains secure.

Your subscription to The Daily Telegraph opens doors to exclusive offers and competitions.
Nominate an unsung hero today
Nominations are now open for the 2011 prideofaustralia™ medal which honours ordinary Australians who do extraordinary things in our communities.

Now in its seventh year, the prideofaustralia™ medal has grown from strength to strength and has uncovered many heart-warming, inspiring, courageous stories about everyday people whose extraordinary actions make us all proud to be Australian.

Nominations close at 5pm, Tuesday, June 21, 2011.

Click here to nominate someone today or for more information about the prideofaustralia™ medal.
Pride of Australia
Are your kids Spelling Bee Champions?
"Do they spell check the Daily Telegraph, I Dun Fink So' then again it's their prerogative. misspelled recently as perogative.
I think it is time for a J D or J W which ever comes to hand first,
Everyone have a delightful weekend.  Another LWE for the reigning monarchs birthday depending you are not from Nuzilland or a Western Australian.

Cor stone the crows - Back soon......Vest.,


Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
I will be away from my computer until the evening of the 12th June and will get back to you as soon as possible.
Jimmy said…
I Will miss u hon

make it sooner
Jane, Stokes-Honour said…
Have a lovely weekend. Love to you all xxxxxxx

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C A. said…
It would appear that not only the feathered variety but dolly birds too are on your menue.
Vest said…
Jim & C A: Don't be sordid, Jane is my niece and spoken for- Back off!
On the other hand (I have five fingers)Er I mean I do have another niece who after a luvvy duvvy courtship as a long lost rello - 18 months back dropped me like a dead dingo, probably because I in particular failed to meet her criteria, probably I was too horny and of a different following within the faith industry.
Hi Bron , hope you are listening, xxx.

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