Weather Again, 'C'Tax. And Legless.Eccleslastical Nutter. + Thugby League.

Several days of fine weather with warm Midday sunshine, a few cool nights with early morning dew. being able to sit and ponder in the garden - a blessing. Most of the regular bird visitors now take me for granted, watching me hand feed the magpie family has made the large black crow family less cautious,  a peck from their huge beaks could cause concern.

It seems the Clan major birthday period has arrived, From 48 known blood Rello's worldwide, fifteen in fact are Cancerians, which would include my parents, my wife two sons and myself.

It is enough to say that the rugby league season gives me the chance to speed up the reading of my fav/newspaper by avoiding the last ten or more pages, the last inner page reported the introduction of female refs in the game; most would be built like brick dunnies  and be  of Maori, Tongan or Samoan ancestry 250poud (18 stone)Amazons. or baby boomers plus.YUK!!

The carbon tax fiasco continues.When the carbon tax is implemented, what can we as tax payers, expect in return for our dollars? Will there be sunshine all the time? will it only rain at night and when it is needed? will there be no more drought and floods? Will M S Gillard become Queen Canute and order the tides to stop? Surely if we are paying tax we have a right to expect something in return.

"God has forgiven me, I was legless  And now I am walking " Another American eccleslastical Nutter has escaped a long jail sentence for being way over the limit also crashing his rented vehicle and others after a bout  of double shot drinking. An equally incompetent magistrate with creationist leanings saved the shabbily dressed and unshaven Yank and sent him on his biblical way.
Will Holy father suits with dog collars become fashionable attire for future Friday night Grog Fests?

Happy birthday Tony.
Will be busy tomorrow ... will be back soon.


Jimmy said…
I miss Rose, Jane and Kate
and Keshi

I dont miss Wally
Jimmy said…
I was wondering if I have become a NET Addict

Yes, I have
the first person to wish me good morning is a cyber person

and I get my loving from far
from net lovers

advantage of having a net lover is that u can have more than one

and u tell all U R THE ONLY ONE my Love
Kate...fb. said…
Vestie, its Tiddling with rain here in Budgewoi, or haven't you noticed
Hope you are well, Luvs ya
WALLY. said…
Iv'e been busy jimmy and likewise not missed you, you old fart. I have a gorgous woman now to spend my hard earned on. love is wonderful.
Jane Stokes-Honour. said…
Enjoy the good weather. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Debbie. said…
DearUncle Les and Auntie Rose,
Just want to share our happy news with you. We have 2 new beautiful granddaughters born yesterday. Their names are Grace Kathleen who weighed in at 4lbs 13ozs and Jessica Frances 4lbs 8ozs. They were born at 34 weeks, so they are in special care units for now. Claire had a rough time, developed pre-eclampsia and had to have a section, so is very sore at the moment.
Hope you are both well
Love Deb xxxxxxx
Vest said…
Well what do you Know , here we go again. Two more cancerians Join the Clan.
Congratulations Claire.
Vest said…
Happy Birthday David Our no 3 son.'29-6-59.
C A. said…
It does appear strange that Vest's family genes multiply in june and july, might be a secret govt plot or are they from outer space?
Anonymous said…
Has TONY Become A born Again Christian
Vest said…
Anon. Dunno. Got a strange message that he is not to receive any more porn messages from me anymore. Dun fink we have dat stuff on dis blog. He must have a new controlling mentor. just not like Tony. whatever the problem . "Get Well Soon".
Karthik. said…
That doll will never get to forty.
Pity I havent got 6000 rupees.
Saby. said…
Anonymous said…
Karthik are you indian or a paki.
6,000 rupees would only buy a hand or foot

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