Frozen British Pensions. A change from global warming.


Will Australian businesswoman support frozen pensions campaign?

Thérèse Rein, one of Australia's most successful businesswomen, is likely to be the next prominent figure to be asked by frozen pensioner lobbyists to champion their cause.
05 May 2011

Australian PM told to use royal wedding to unfreeze her parents' pensions

Prime minister Julia Gillard has been asked to broach the plight of frozen expat pensioners with David Cameron during her visit to the royal wedding on behalf of the British Pensions in Australia (BPiA) organisation, of which her Welsh emigre parents are members.
29 Apr 2011

Weakness of sterling could force older expats back to UK

Over half of expat Britons aged over 55 are sending money back to the UK, fuelling speculation that a growing number of people are planning to give up on life abroad.
15 Apr 2011

Budget has failed frozen-out pensioners, says expat

As debate over the 2011 Budget continues, a key figure in the frozen pensions debate has spoken out against the continued refusal of the Government to help British retirees living in poverty abroad.
24 Mar 2011

Elderly expats frozen out

By moving abroad, pensioners would save the Exchequer billions of pounds in health and social care costs - highly desirable at a time when the UK needs to make deep cuts to its welfare budget. So why isn't the government doing more to encourage it?
16 Mar 2011

Expat British veterans say they will hand back medals if pensions remain frozen

A petition from over 100 expat veterans protesting against the frozen pensions policy is to be presented to pensions minister Steve Webb today - with some veterans claiming they will hand back their medals if the policy is not reversed.
16 Dec 2010

Frozen pensions: why decent people are suffering indignity in their final days

Nick Stace, a former communications adviser to Gordon Brown, explores why the frozen pensions scandal has been so overlooked by the Government.
01 Dec 2010

Frozen pensions: an open letter to Steve Webb

Telegraph Expat is campaigning for an end to the injustice suffered by 'frozen' expat pensioners. Here, our finance specialist Alison Steed writes an open letter to pensions minister Steve Webb.
01 Dec 2010

A tale of two sisters

Pat and Bunty Dixon are retired sisters, one living in Austria and one in South Africa, who epitomise the problem with expat pensions.
19 Apr 2010
Frozen British Pensions


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Jimmy said…
I agree

dat was a PJ
C A. said…
Vest refers to pensions , not your teeny willie winkle jimmy.
Jimmy said…
I no

his pension has shrunk too
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