According to figures stated in todays Sydney Daily Telegraph there have been twelve shark attacks on surfers in  NSW during the past 12 months.( people should not swim in the sharks dining room.)
New South Wales Premier Politician,  Mike Baird, has been quoted as saying, 'He will not install shark nets on NSW's Killer coast to protect beachgoers' even after another young surfer was mauled by a monster great white shark yesterday, ( Well  if he does not wish to do it, Why not get someone else), I had no idea politicians were moonlighting; don't they get paid enough already  or has someone misquoted the Premier.
      The last time I swam in the ocean was at Cronulla NSW 1945. It was so different then to what it is now but the perils in the ocean were the same. At the time , I was swimming about 100 metres from the beach when a bell was ringing, being a POM (Englishman ) I thought it was the 'Ice Cream  vendor, , I paid little notice until a person yelled "Shark"  with the assistance of an old fashioned loud hailer. Fear and the need for survival gave me the impetus for speed on that occasion which I doubt I would ever again exceed.
      Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.

      Vest.... back soon.


It is after all, as you say, the sharks dining room (and kitchen and bedroom). Neither do I think we should go on a killing spree when someone does get munched.
Anonymous said…
As I mentioned at home after watching yesterday's evening news, there are lions in the open in Africa and bears in the woods in Canada and Japan. Avoid the open plains of Africa an the forests in Japan and Canada unless you are are or have protection. The same goes for the sea.
Granny Annie said…
My swimming speed is definitely not suited for the Olympics and I am afraid the sharks would have happy dining. Swimming pools are my style.
Vest said…
E C. Apparently we as humans like most living species emerged from the sea in our original form, going back is not a good idea.
Vest said…
What you say is true however, Great Britain does have one killer which is a snake called the Adder, less than a Metre in length can be fatal (ask me about it later). other than that it is quite safe out from most of the beaches. More likely catch a cold or die from frostbite than a shark.
Vest said…
Grannie Annie. I agree the safest place for a swim is a controlled ocean pool or your own domestic pool, but I have been told that, 33% of USA Cits Have not or Will not see the sea in their lifetime.
Vest said…
Is this Possible . Myself with others , caught a 9 foot Shark At Bathurst?

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