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      The scene was the Persian Gulf in 1928,. A British Royal Navy Frigate  HMS Nonsuch was on patrol intent on subduing every  (PARASITE) in the drug and Gun running trade in the area.
       (EARLY) that morning a Arab Dhow  was sighted and was in full sail trying to avoid capture,
This one was not a (LEMON) like the others recently boarded, there were a few who were honest traders but this one was a dead cert..
     Having caught up with the Dhow. The order "Away Armed Whaler" was given. The crew of the whaler (Boat) armed with pistols and large cudgels which were  used  to (PUMMEL) any opposition into submission.
      In charge of the boat (The Whaler) was Sub Lt, Head-Strong RN, A bumptious  no-all but in truth  foolhardy to say the least.
       As the armed Whaler pulled alongside the Dhow a rope ladder was thrown down the side of the Dhow, Whereupon Sub Lt Head - Strong yelled " Follow me men, up the ladder to honour and glory"
        H S having arrived on the deck of the Dhow was met by a very large Arab with a Scimitar (sword) who promptly chopped off F H's Noddle which fell into the boat with a loud thump, Hooky the coxswain of the boat took one look at this grizzly head and asked "Any more for Honour and glory", .Being it would take some (SPINE) to repeat the folly of  HS, there were no takers so Hooky gave the order" bear off forward we  are returning to the ship.
      On returning to the ship the captain was (FRANTIC) and ordered the immediate sinking of the DHOW.. Later after the smoke from the guns had cleared  little regard was given to the crew of the Dhow,  who were now swimming for their lives in shark infested waters.



Bumptious know-it-alls too often get others hurt while they stay safe. Nice to hear this one was the exception to that rule.
Granny Annie said…
As I commented over at EC's, "an exciting and vivid tale". Especially the noodle landing with a thud.
Roy Weller said…
Hi Les,
pleased to see we were old shipmates, Iwas draftedt to Diadem when I finished at Ganges.
on 3/1947 as boy seaman/ OD to 3/48 first trip was Sandniavian tour and the 2nd, escort to
Vanguard on royal trip back from South Africa.
Also as you may have seen in last month Navy News my article about Comus, we were
escorted back to Kure by a cruiser which I am sure was your Ceylon !
I would be pleased to hear from you.if I am right.
hope you aare keeping well and keep taking the pills as I am (now age 86}
Regards Roy (Sam) Weller MX 660812}
Vest said…
Hello Roy. . Yes I was on Diadem from Jan 47 and later went back to the D O York after we returned from that short cruise down the West African Coast. Things I remember The Vanguards 40 degree roll in the Bay of Biscay the two Battle class destroyers taking water and escorted into Lisbon by Two old V&Ws from Portuguese Navy, . Our fresh water tank leaking. The silly Royal March past on the QD (Iron deck) while at sea. Also the Shark caught by using a wire strop an two butchers hooks and the port whaler’s falls. We had Chinese and Indians also on the ship and CMR bungy Williams the Skipper freaking out and saying: get that stinking thing off of my ship” The Chinese had cut off the sharks fins, It was then dumped overboard where locals in boats were diving for pennies thrown in the water, they soon scampered back in the boats when other Big fish arrived for a feed. That was at Bathurst.
I was in the fwd starboard mess and I was a 20 year old AB at the time. Also I was on the Buoy in Portland harbour when we returned and the buoy was waterlogged, the ship was secured to another later( that water was cold.)
The last time I saw the Diadem was in Karachi 1960 It was renamed PNS BABUR.
Nice to hear from you. Les Bowyer.
Vest said…
Seeing the HMS Belfast in Thursday's history column, in The Daily Telegraph, reminds me an old gunnery bloke about the placement of the guns in the triple gun turrets . As you enter the rear door of the turret you will see on the right the right gun which is a left hand gun. In the middle is the centre gun which is a right hand gun and on the left side is the left gun which is a right hand gun . this is not an Irish joke but a fact, being the breech workings must be clear of the side bulkheads. Les Bowyer. Budgewoi. NSW.
Vest said…
Thank you E C & Granny Annie for your comments,
How do you catch a shark at Bathurst silly it is on dry land in back woods of new south wales.
Vest said…
AMY , OH No not you again. You are right, however, there are Three places named Bathurst in Australia. There is one in the mouth of the river Gambia in west Africa, plus there are at least Nineteen others around the globe.

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