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     It would seem that the Sydney Daily Telegraph  Sports writers have either been asleep or are bemoaning the fact that the Sri Lankans have handed out a good thrashing to the Aus  ball whackers in all forms of the game, yes by the team who recently were walloped by the poms or Englishmen if you wish to be polite.
     To add to this misery, the England one day cricket team have in the past two days established  another record by surpassing the previous scores of Aus and Sth Africa played on a short boundary pitch. a while back plus beating the individual score to add to their triumph with seven of their players not needing to bat in this debacle

Previous Individual score  168 now 171. previous Aus score 434,  Sth Africa 438. England now 444 with only 3 wkts down  on a pitch with longer boundaries.
There has been no mention of this info today and most likely if it is mentioned would have similar exposure as the hiding in the 1938 test at the oval in Surrey when  the England team beat Aus by an innings and 579 runs after scoring 903 for 7, the result in the Sydney Telegraph was hidden between a hair loss advert and another giving 10% off for a treatment for piles.

The last couple of days  has been dealing with health checks and other household matters which creep up on you when least expected , but all is well and shall be back on track soon.

Vest.... Back soon.


Anonymous said…
Not that I have much interest in cricket, but my brother journeyed to Sri Lanka to see the first three tests. While I love to be critical of the Daily Tele, not too many news organisations, including our ABC, reported much about the defeat once they had seen the direction things were going.
Granny Annie said…
I have no knowledge of Cricket but I do have knowledge of a calendar filled with doctor appointments. Hope all your results are good ones:-)
Edward Jones. said…
Hello Les. Glad to hear that you are ok. I watched every ball bowled in Englands historic win. As an ex cricket player that more than 700 runs were scored in one day. Just watched england win ag ain. Have to feel sorry for the parkestanis cricketers. need some firm managers.Edward Jones UK.
Vest said…
Andrew . I turned the cricket on at 1130 Pm got interested and saw the lot, great stuff.
Vest said…

Granny Anne. You may have little interest or knowledge of cricket , however, your own fields of expertize are beyond myself, not only that you are a nice person and it shows. thank you for calling.
Vest said…
Hi Edward. It is your duty as a English Gentleman to watch the England cricketers. ,. Well what do you know, I too saw both games up to @ -30 Am AUS EST then went to bed, got up at 10 15 AM today, I have spent two hours washing dishes preparing dinner and Brecky and changed the bed linen, I shall have half an hour break before I dye my wife's hair and shower her, tidy up the house then I may have the energy to get back on this box of tricks. thank you for your call.
Anonymous said…

I read your letter in the Navy News and thought you might be interested in having a look at the Scarborough website at
I did not serve in her but in a sister ship HMS Londonderry, a later Rothesay class type 12 frigate.
I live in Scarborough, North Yorkshire and decided that the town was beginning to forget its naval history so created the website to hopefully keep the name and the navy afloat in these strange times. Congratulations on your fine age, I reckon there must be something in the air ‘Down Under’.

Best Wishes

Clive Watts
Vest said…
Hallo Clive First I wish to say thank you for your reply, the only one so far. Let me introduce myself , I am old a trifle deaf and live in comfortable retirement on the Central Coast of NSW OZ in a seaside town named Budgewoi. I live with Rosemary my 82 year old wife of 63 years married and the eldest of our five sons Christopher 62 , two cats and a parrot in a large two storey house, two mins walk from every conceivable need including a huge club.
We have resided in Aus since Aug 4 1971 in several places and have been back to UK six times, previously last July Aug 2015, BTW I am a passionate Blogger and have been since writing my memoirs in pseudo form about ten years ago. My blogsite is or google The Daily Gaggle.
I have a lot to say which is impossible to unload in a few moments. But one thing is odd, and that is , I joined the RN as a boy in Jan 1942 From Watts Naval School in Norfolk an arm of Barnardo’s. and was pensioned off July 16 1966. Was fully employed after leaving the RN, we then sold our house in Cowplain Hants near Portsmouth and came to Aus where I had memories of the BPF 44-45and our great times in Sydney. This is all for now , I hope to hear from you soon. . BTW I am not on face book but my son who lives with us is on F B. Bye for now… Les .
Anonymous said…
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Alec Penstone"
Date: Aug 30, 2016 9:18 PM
Subject: Sept Navy news

Hi Les ,saw your letter ,in Navy News ,when the war ended in Europe, I was serving on HMS Campania after doing 10 Arctic Convoys as ASDIC Operator I thought I would be demobbed as I was a HO ,but No !I was handed a draft chit for the Far East to join HMS Amerthyst via Golden Hind in Sydney ,but as my fiancee and I had agreed to marry ,when the war ended,we decided to go ahead ,and I was given 7days embarkation leave,but as my lady love wanted to get hitched in our local church ,in Tottenham North London the vicar said ,no can do ! as I want 3weeks to call the banns but he said if you go to Westminster Abbey and ask to see the Archbishop he may give you a licence to marry in any CofE church with 3days notice ,and he may offer you ( if you and your intended are of good intentions )one of the chapels in the Abbey,but she who must be obeyed,wanted it to local,we got married on the Saturday ,and I left on the Monday , and came back 14 months later, but now to the interesting bit ,when I finally caught up with the Amerthyst ,my relief was already on board,so after 3weeks I was sent to join HMS Burmuda(or the old blue murder) then late 1945 or early 46 we joined up with the KG 5 ,to show the Flag in a victory cruise which included Tasmania ,when both ships company's dressed up as pirates,and with pockets full of nutty we paddled ashore on carley rafts to storm the beach at Hobart ,The day was spoilt when a shark got into the shallows and bit the leg of a young boy. My oppo and I went ashore the next day ,and two young ladies (sisters)asked us if would like to go home with them and meet mummy and daddy they did say daddy was a master baker, we spent 7days of wonderful up homers and big eats , In April 2015 I was privledged to carry the Standard of the Royal Naval Assoc Isle of Wight Branch in the Anzac and Gallipoli memorial Parade in Sydney and to present a book listing all the names of Isle of Wight Rifle Brigade ,who fought alongside the Anzac's,to the Governor General of New South Wales, My Wife and I landed in Sydney on the morning of the big storm not a very good welcome, it took us nearly 3hours to get from the airport ,to the RSL Hotel at Hyde Park ,and I celebrated my 90th birthday ,two days before the Parade, and earlier this year we celebrated our 71st wedding anniversary,(who said war time weddings do not last) PS our one and only child was born 17 years after our wedding, The word NO worked for 17 years. Very Best wishes to you and yours and to the other FAB Three
Vest said…
Hallo Alec. There is certainly a lot of info in your comment to take in all in one go, However, I have a wide knowledge of Naval History , particularly the 44 -45 stuff being that I served on the Air Defence position
(Control) in the Flag ship HMS King George V, (Battleship) and remember well the Hobart trip in 46 Jan, We were restricted to about ten knots due to a dodgy rudder due to being hit up the rear end by a twin engine 'Betty' Kamikaze earlier . It took over two months to get back to the UK March 13 46.
More info about myself is on the latest post on THE DAILY GAGGLE.COM or my blog should you wish to get back to me. Thank you for your interesting Information. Les.

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