Words for Wednesday in Capitals

Words for Wednesday.

The expression (DARKEST HOUR) can be that of a calamity prior to the dawn of a new era in your life after suffering the raw end of the pineapple in a (KANGAROO COURT) (OR)  those persons who (HAVE FUN) at your expense(AND) then eventually getting the better of them



River said…
A good way to use the words and explain kangaroo court to those who might not know. Like me. I had a rough idea, but didn't know exactly.
Vest said…
EC AND River. Thank you.

As Winnie C, remarked in 1940 during the Blitz "This is our darkest hour" Which inevitably came good.
Granny Annie said…
Loved the way you chopped up the phrases for words to use.
Vest said…
Granny Annie. Most of my efforts result from using my imagination, as if it were real. I then write before it vanishes from my mind; then adjust and correct to fit.
Thank you for calling.

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