Be Careful where yiou point your Percy. ( Men Only)

" Oh all right  ladies  you may have a squizz but it is rather a Man thingy."

Being an elderly bloke and with elderly bloke problems which  mainly  affect all males from age fifty and beyond, the waterworks becomes a persistent aggravation which can balloon out to many other serious ailments. Having this problem sorted out 21 years ago kept me free from concern until three years ago when  it  returned  and with a vengeance, then after a series of hospital visits I am now supposedly clear of any WW problems, although continual monitoring the flow when I go; mainly mornings when at home gives me peace of mind, however, this morning I trotted off to the loo and grabbed the two lire white plastic container from the eye level window shelf and dropped Percy into the container to provide a morning sample, looking down I got the fright of my life seeing this female funnel web spider rearing up adjacent to my appendage. Let it be known I am familiar with these spiders from work experience and these particular species  are lethal if not attended to within a short space of time, and in this particular instance and the location would have been more than a bit of a worry.
Keeping a clear head and not wanting said spider to escape and cause another search problem , I gave this creepy Arachnid a squirt of urea from the old fella  which had the spider  backing off . I then  very carefully  placed  container on lid of loo and waited until it ceased struggling I then plonked it down the loo.
It seems after a spate of wet weather these creatures tend to wander to a drier environment even screened sliding windows do not stop them . Be Wary. Do something. If it doesn't work, do something else. No idea is too crazy.


Vest said…
Female Funnel Web - YouTube
► 2:46► 2:46‎
Nov 20, 2009 - Uploaded by mrabbit10
Don't watch this in HD* This is a female Sydney funnel web spider that I caught. Some bugs got eaten ..
Lower deck lawyer. said…
I trust this is not a cock and bull story,Mike.
Vest said…
LDL: this can be verified by my spouse.
WALLY said…
my mate whose a plumber too got bit by a funnal web, had the anti venum but was sick along time.
A nasty version of the classic 'there was a red-back on the toilet seat...' And it is certainly my understanding that funnel webs are a much more venomous beastie. Glad you saw it in time.
Amy, Swansea. said…
How did the spider get in the bowl.
Vest said…
Elephants Child: Thank you for your reply. the container - bowl is now in a different location.

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