Bloggers come bloggers go.. Post 1,146.

 I have been blogging for the past nine years and have seen great bloggers come and go, They reach their pinnacle  and suddenly find there is life after blogging.
The biggest reason for failure I believe is criticism from other bloggers. Some openly flout their qualifications some openly show their disdain for others with lesser writing skills, substituting an English word with a Greek or Latin word with the intent to confuse whom he or she sees as a lesser person. You must take care, that your work be understood, but that it can be by no means misunderstood.
I am not a celebrity in the eyes of the general public; more so within family circles, My wife and I being the Matriarch an Patriarch of our known family extensions, neither have I claimed to be a journalist which I suspect many bloggers try to create that impression.
There  are different levels of quality, not all bloggers write about the same subject, this doesn't mean it is a good blog, yes, anyone can be a writer, this does not always mean they are a consistently good as a writer.
I recall about eight years ago being scolded by the person (Lady) who described her blog as a 'Writerly Blog" and who described my pathetic efforts like schoolboy English, Instead of waiting to give her back a well mannered reply  I was very rude to her to say the least, meaning  I had out stayed my welcome.
 A  C of E priest on one occasion criticised my sentence structure, my reply to this man of the cloth was, " Check out your Hymn book, when you have corrected that you may call again.
I am not a professional blogger I do it for fun , But clicking on the adverts helps pay the bills that blogging incurs , so get clicking.

All man's life among men is nothing more than a battle for the ears of others...Vest... back soon


Lower deck lawyer. said…

I follow your drift, is this a rebuff to a Vic blogger, I feel it could be but why?. Mike.
Vest said…
LDL: A lot of Why's go unanswered, especially those uttered by persons replying to lazy bloggers, bloggers without the wit or power to reply to questions regarding their post.
It is a fact that most bloggers are poor listeners.
C A. USA. said…
Agree to to most of your post,but where ignorance is bliss it's folly to be wise
Anne Johnson said…
Before there were blogs, people stood on stumps and made speeches. Not everyone was as eloquent as the next one, but it probably felt good to say something. There's a lot to be said for "staying power." If you've done 1,400 plus entries, you are a damn successful blogger.

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