Lavatorial Telegraph Cricket Scribes.... Plus, History today.

Seriously folks I am considering cancelling my subscription to the Sickley Daily Telegraph which I use mainly for historical, weather and monetary info plus to provide 8x8 inch sheets of dunny wipe in the one holer in the back yard for the exclusive use of traditional Oz beer swilling guests who gatecrash my exclusive candlelight dinners.
But being bombarded with embellished literary bilge belched out by  bonehead Cricket scribes which contains a hatred content greater than the gospels of  Lakemba Clerics seems to be the main function in the noddles  of those lavatory wall scribblers. a bit of name dropping won't go amiss like the Monika's of Malcolm the Convict and con artist CONN. Peter bad ass Badel.  Bobby alias Fanny Craddock, and Dunny crawler Doris Dorries, And last but not all of these unpalatable pen pushers Ricky Dickhead Hinds.
Most of the recent Cricket controversy is now set in stone,  the perpetrators slapped with paltry fines
Unfortunately the problems were not left on the field of play, the unsubstantiated remark from a English Cricketer concerning the reason ms bingo dropped(that's a good pun) petulant mickey Clarke was his wicket wasn't regulation size, this was assumed when MC was seen donning a medium sized cricket box.
There will always be winners and losers in cricket you cannot be on top all the time , occasionally England Must allow the lesser combatants in this farcical game to win now and then (but not Too often as it does appear to upset the balance of the minds of these lesser combatants as  seen promulgated by the Local press.
I was twelve years of age when I attended the last two days  Of the 1938 5th test in London ,
I paid 3 shillings 60cents to sit on a cushion on the grass at the Surrey Oval where sadly Australia  lost the test. The scores were England 903 for 7 declared . Australia  201 for 8 and 123 for 8.
England winning by an innings and 597 runs. Poor old Bradman could not bat as he had a sore ankle and didn't want to stuff up his averages  batting  for a hopeless cause; however  soon after the game  Bradman was seen (so the press stated) running up the steps of his hotel. The score mentioned has never been eclipsed by Australia .
The news of this disastrous result for Australia was published in Australian papers but hardly making the Headlines One prominent Sydney Rag slotted the result between a 'Hair Loss Promo' and the other advert giving a discount of ten percent on a treatment for Hemorrhoids.

History on this day Nov 25 / 1984.
 Australian cricket captain Kim Hughes Breaks down in tears in Brisbane Australia  when he gives up the Australian Cricket captaincy after being a serial loser.
Prime Minister Bob Hawk and Opposition leader And pandy Peacock Cry in their beer when hearing the cricket news, so sad. can't win them all.

Many of life's failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up. Most winners in life think constantly in terms of "I can, I will, I am".Losers, on the other hand concentrate their thoughts on what they should have done or on what they don't do.  Finally  being a dual citizen  I have the choice of whether to cheer the winners or accept defeat, Its called getting off the hook.
Latest news on cricket..... Former Aus test cricket twins Steve and Mark Waugh state sledging (rudeness) By Aus cricketers to opposing teams simply shows as 'mental disintegration, and as for David Warner Say's mark Warner has the habit of talking before he thinks.
But Vest Say's it would be difficult to provide a brain trans plant for Warner due to the down turn in
In the manufacturing of Rocking horses.Although Warner is a good cricketer it is a pity that Warner  is such a simpleton. which is a trend quickly spreading among Aus communities.
Enjoy your Cricket.... Aussie/Englander Vest..... Back soon.

BTW.We have all heard  these Quotations like Gaggle of Geese and Murder of Crows.
 Here is the Latest By Vest (Copyright)



Anonymous said…
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Bruce said…
Funny buddy, but seriously, I'm an Aussie through and through, and bloddy ashamed of Clarky's bullshit. I feel like smacking the toerag in the face. Mind you, I often feel like that with him.
Vest said…
Thank you for your comment Bruce, but I must warn you I am not an advocate for violence, although I do get miffed when inane cricket writers spew messages of hatred. England and Australia do not play cricket.I deplore the Title 'POM" as much as OZblugerygalah.
It is a team of people who play the game of cricket on both sides most of them are a petulant overpaid bunch of layabouts, highly strung to say the least although some of the oz reps are not fhe full Quid(dollar)in a sense that some local players are Border ing retardees their agitated antics on field like air punching - kissing and bum tapping is highly offensive.
I do find it pitiful to see grown men with minds of children aged six and seven; the likness of one in particular a ball chucking heavily tattooed bewhiskered dimwit and being lauded as a hero.
Heroism has nothing to do with sporting activities. it is often used by lunatic cricket sports writers most of whom would sell their mothers for dog food to make a buck.
BTW your Quaint cliche "Toe Rag", isn't that more a Brit saying than OZ?
Maybe we should bring together teams of convicted murderers from each country to fight each other to the death it seems we are gradually aproaching such a scenario.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Not a bad post mate but being a strayen didn't like all of it. It did hurt a bit.
Here is one for the sportees.

A sportspersons brain is a large as the ball he is playing with. Mike.
Vest said…
LDL: I Once was an avid Soccer player, But of late I am into Ballooning.

Losing one's marbles could be related to your theory.
I suppose we could use the word golfer instead of Nutter.
WALLY. said…
Me and my Bro play Rugby League.
Vest said…
Wally: Strange getting a call from you when I'm waiting for the plumber to fix a pipe in our front garden you being a plumber.
However despite the shape and size of the ball, few Rugby league player would be regarded as "EGG HEADS".
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Vest said…
Anon: Not from an ignorant bonehead of you calibre , If for one moment I thought you had an axe to grind I would give you my full attention. It seems only a brain swap may assist your present thinking.
It seems both you and I do not use spell check too often!!
No more threats please you are frightening my grand children.

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