Australian Whores Thieves and Varlots Remain a Powerful Force.

This Aborigine owned land of ours was first invaded by Thieves Whores and Varlots back in 1788 most of whom were from the old dirt (not dart)in Ireland and a few unfortunate miscreants from the sceptred isle were mostly bundled into prison ships which left POM pey AKA Portsmouth Hants England and sailed to Sydney where most of their  traditional traits were passed on to their descendants and these grisly traits are often seen surfacing within the general public and Govt depts to this day.
Fortunately for Australia The migration of clean living hard working people from England and Europe  in the late 1800's until the present time probably saved Australia from sinking to the depths of depravity although as mentioned earlier  Sydney and its suburbs house a multitude of  Illegal drug and gaming houses and twice the number of unregistered Brothels as those allowed by cash strapped councils, hardly a day passes before we get news of yet another politician rorting his allowances on prostitutes and it  is sad when you hear of judges and magistrates falling to sleep at their work place or caught trolling their  local men's rest room (Lavatories).And PM's  named Malcolm losing their trousers in America.
Despite the arrival of various religious factions who did their so called best to teach the miscreant Aussies the ways of the christian church which in itself was nothing more than a bunch of child abusing morons who were taught their trade in England. and Catholic altar boys being bummbed  by the church of Rome bum bandits. The abuse of children by these Religious despots is an ongoing harangue we hear about constantly.
Most of that mentioned about Sydney is the softer side which we live with constantly . However, the Multitude of day to day Muggings, Stabbings, Shootings , Hold ups and a few Grisly,  murders spice up the columns in the local rags, oh and  the ravings of lunatic cricket scribes belittling tourist teams.
Not many robbers do frontal assaults on the banks nowadays most Bank Robbery is now committed from behind the counter.
Although New South Wales in Australia is the third smallest state and represents about 7% of the total continental land mass it is difficult to believe that it is home  to 25% of the population. The population in  Sydney CBD and  and outer suburbs house about 12.5% of the Australia's population - about 3 million, And having done my sums (Math) on this matter I have come to the conclusion. that  an average of 200,000 women aged between 20 and 40 live in the Sydney Region.  In today's Telegraph  no fewer than 223 registered brothels were advertised, but of course adding another couple of hundred Illegal bag shanty's which added together and multiplied by the number of Hookers hitting the mattress six times per day to qualify for the Brothel Bonus, then giving a discount for good behaviour for half the remaining figure  - they being Mums at home or Catholic girls being shagged by their priest, we come to the final figure of one in ten ladies going to work at an office are not telling their mums and partners the truth about the way they earn a crust. Next time you sit on a bus or train in Sydney you will wonder which one of those beauties is the whore and not the tea lady.
Blokes enjoy your day out on the bus  but choose carefully.

The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.
Vest....Back soon.


Emma Butler. said…
most non Europeans are blind to stupidity. Emma U/k
WALLY. said…
Good message vesty. I liked the first paragraph.
Vest said…
Hi Wally; I thoght you would enjoy the first few words.
Vest said…
In future replies from anonymous callers will go unanswered or deleted should they not leave a name or address.
I shall be busy over the next few days replying to those who sent Christmas cards last year but also catching up to household jobs cutting lawns(Weeds) and er in doors xmas shopping expeditions.
We will be also banking our huge lotto win tomorrow.
Rosemary. said…
It takes far too long to have a Rolls delivered - so we shall settle for a Merc in the meantime. How jolly. Goodbye for now My lover Vest is taking me to the expensive shops tommorrow, i can hardly wait , the excitement is mind boggling.
Korea person said…
Sydney vista, town, harbor and amenities are for tourists people you see on street are on visit an not live at sydney not much good for childe and bad wen get dark. Korea person.much love.
J P . Newtown. said…
Read this in today's Sydney telegraph


He gives a grim warning for Sydneysiders.
Squeezed Dry. said…
Lucky vest. Can you spare a buck?
Vest said…
Squeezed Dry and all others requesting hand outs please send $200-00 to cover accounting costs for a minus 100% share of the expected windfall. Vests secretary.
Squeezed Dry. said…
Sqeezed dry says that is harder to simplify than the square root of minus fifteen.
Dylan said…
To an extent I'm confused on the relevance of the issue. What's stirring you up to write about this?

I'm also confused on your stance. There is bagging of 'traditional' religious ideologies and then complaints of the existence of Un registered brothels.

My only real acceptance of your statements is that politicians are all arse hats.
Vest said…
Dear Grandson Dylan.
Critisism or bagging as you call it is Rife among all sects and communities and it is only continual bagging of these miscreants that will bring things to order there are far too many people who cringe from the truth and hope the nasties will disappear. It is not just people in public office who have the right of opinion , there are other people who were born with a functional brain and also members of our wide community who have the right to freedom of speech, occasionally an unusual aproach to getting peoples attention to a problem may offend some sectors of the archaic Faith Industry, well hard luck so be it Or Amen if it offends certain sectins of the community they could be the source of the ongoing harangue.'Get over it'.Luvs Ya Gramps.
Vest said…
Dylan: I am suggesting you read the newspapers more frequently.
MENTOR. said…
Dylan. What element of your so called bagging are you concerned over.
Are you worried that the brothel services for you will be restricted, or is it you are training for the priesthood and fear the sexual privileges as they are now may be no more and will leave you with few options other than masturbating.
How old are you Dylan ... you appear misguided over the privileges of public debate you also may have a misguided theory over an implanted theology ideology which might hinder your acceptance to others with more rational thinking. Mentor.
Vest said…
OI watch it Mentor!!! Dylan is Heir to my throne.

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