Are you a Dog enthusiast? Puppies need a guide.

People are sitting quietly or smelling the the roses in their gardens in our quiet and sedate peaceful beach side suburb when the dormant silence is shattered by the screaming wail of an ambulance  on its way to one of many surrounding retirement villages in order to recover a corpse or attend the frail and aged. We then get the accompaniment of our local residents dogs who howl in unison, to the Canine Chorus; By Bark.
I am not a dog person, there are a certain breed of people who align themselves with canines, those who need them as companions, protectors or if you are wealthy enough to suggest your family needs or mortgage payment will not be jeopardised by owning said hound
We feed dozens of birds daily in our garden ,also own a rescued parrot which is tame and 13 years of age at least .We have a rescued spayed female former feral Cat who plays miniature soccer(AF)keeps us amused and is cheap to feed.
Finally getting to the point of this protracted post; Volunteer puppy raisers are needed as the Guide Dogs NSW/ACT Australia. expects a spike in births over the next few months.
The not for profit organisation expects about sixty puppies to be born over the coming months and is searching for families to help raise them.
A puppy raiser adopts an eight week old puppy into their home for a year, with vet and food costs covered by guide dogs. This is all due to the ageing population and increasing need for guide dogs.
So you bow wow lovers out there , get to it and do your bit. For those who will benefit from your generosity the best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

Vest ..Back soon.


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