Loving thy Neighbour is Not Compulsary. Do you?

The Vast Majority of my neighbours are  amicable at the least, meaning those I have come in contact with. Some neighbours have been house guests at our house number eleven  in our avenue. The residents of No Nine are super and the previous resident of No13 who now resides across the  road at No 6 is also a frequent caller who described the new owners at her former residence as grubby and pushy. this of course has not gone unnoticed  by  other local residents and particularly myself.
It would seem  that, two families  are using this formerly attractive four bed home although their three cars in their drive are OK its the miscellaneous callers which bump up the vehicle numbers and going back the 4 and ten ton trucks parked outside our house which gave offence and destroying the landscaping got me calling the cops and having them removed incensed the new no 13 residents who drove across our frontage until the council put a stop to it.
Looking at the former well manicured lawn of no 13 I spy a field of weeds various led by a majority of dandelion flowers waiting to blow over and impregnate my reasonably well kept grass frontage ( But not with room for a pony). Scattered across their frontage are seven rolled newspapers in plastic wraps; three shopping (Carts)trolleys belonging to the local supermarket a green coloured hose dangling willy-nilly, and to finish the picture a small red car with seriously bent front end with collapsed right front wheel which has been languishing on their roadside frontage since July 14 yes Bastille day seems to fit some how. but wait not quite finished.
last Monday 11th they hung washing on the line in their backyard, it is still there having had more than several rinses from the rain over the past three days. and what is that peculiar smell like rotten tomatoes  coming from the curtained shed in their back yard, I wonder.

I could never tell where inspiration begins and impulse leaves off. I suppose the answer is in the outcome.  Like if your hunch proves to be a good one, you were inspired; if it proves bad, you are guilty of  thoughtless impulse. Never mind I'll get it right one day.

Vest .......Back soon.


I am ashamed to say that I don't even KNOW all my neighbours. Those I do, seem pleasant.
Vest said…
The vast majority of local residents are retirees or those on aged pensions and the like - it seems most have oodles of spare revenue to squander in the clubs.
WALLY. said…
We have a cop who is our next door neighbour we just nod and smile and say nothing.

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