Catholic Coffers Full. Plus , Kept for SEX By RC Priest. Plus update

   These Stories are True and not Fairy as in most of the scriptures, and they unfold daily. It clearly Shows the needs of Priests to be in dire want. or need if you prefer.
By abolishing the archaic rules of the Catholic Church  and giving priests their basic human rights of procreation as other break away Christian orders have done Since Fat Henry; then we are more likely to see an end to these sordid acts of Buggery which give relief to the sexual cravings of these priests destined to live a life of  masturbating - or as we now see due to the exposing by the press, and of the sordid acts of Sexual depravity  which have been perpetrated by these priests for centuries.

Two more RC stories fill Page 11 on today's Sydney Daily Telegraph, Thursday 12 Dec. The 1st anniversary of the end of the world day debunked last year as false.

(1) Catholic coffers crammed with cash.
(2) Kept for sex by a religious predator.
Good reading in the Sydney Daily Telegraph. get it now or go on line.

Busy again today, must go, Back soon ....Vest.

Up Date December 13 . 2013.... Further revelations  regarding the above post , are available on page
24 in Today's Sydney Daily Telegraph.


I cannot read it without my blood pressure rising. And rising.
Sadly it isn't only Catholic priest though. Their protection has been a large part of the problem. If the Church had behaved according to its own doctrines their would be many less affected by the obscenity.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
I am pleased to hear you like your new minister. Mike
WALLY. said…
My Mum and Dad were brought up by a catholic org which wasn't that well liked by many of the kids. 'me I think santa is good thats about all.
Vest said…
Any Govt initiative to address these problems will hardly get a 'Giddy up" from our incumbent PM, who himself is a Jesuit, So I am informed.
However, Didn't Tony come under some scrutiny about a decade ago re a dodgy parentage mishmash.
Naughty PM.

Skeletons in cupboards!!
Vest said…
Thankyou Elephants Child. Also LDL and Wally for your comments.

Today Er indoors and I went El cheapo shopping at ALDI, The cart was filled to the gunnels, the icing on the price of 268 bucks was two bots of *40 proof headache* for our XMAS guests.
I now abstain from the demons of alcohol, now and then.
Vest said…
D B: It is called freedom of speech. Freedom of Opinion, you have the choice to believe or not believe, or to become educated or remain a dumb nut. You have the privilege to listen or ignore,or you may quote your own opinion without becoming personal or rude, all we wish to hear are the facts the truth and not theories regarding personal privilege and out dated tradition.
Ajay. said…
No woman is above the law,men alway rule. Allah is God.
Vest said…
Ajay: On July 16 622 Big MO took flight from Mecca to Medina.

Now If Big MO had missed his flight.
The world would be a much more pleasant place today,

BTW, Arab Airlines started back in year zero in Iran(Persia)
By using Camel hair Carpets; about as magical as big MO.
WALLY. said…
Just read that aus cricketer Michael clarke has a very small penis and wears a small protection box the Poms will love that.
Vest said…
Wally: Conflicting Stories about
MICRO Clarke and his Wee Willy Winkle can't all be true, Last week the English Cricketers were calling him a dick head and a prize prick.
So let's end the saga "NOW".

As for the tests the ENGLISH have to let the convicts and Bludgers win now and then, it's called match fixing; it is a big earner for the losers and gives the other side a boost in morale despite the immorality of it all.

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