Catholic Slush Fund used to pay out Victims of Paedophile RC Priests plus Cricket Crap.

 You do not have to continue reading if this offends you- being an unfortunate member of this Bum boy Sex Sect or one who condones this depravity.My Favourite paper the Sydney Daily Telegraph delivered daily to my door has a front page spread full of info and in graphic detail of this on going scandal. Tuesday Dec 10. The Telegraph Say's the Catholic Church has admitted paying at least $43 Million in hush money to victims of it's paedophile priests, as the Church's barrister outraged victims yesterday by quoting from the Bible.  The full  ungodly story continues on in page Four. get  your copy from the News agent or supermarket now. If you are feeling tight arsed   (no pun intended) you can read this on line.

The Telegraphs Bevy of  Pig Swill gushing  Sports writers Continue their tirade of racial and offensive abuse of the 'English Gentleman's Test Cricket team ' Some the Bilge being uttered would make an RC Priest Burn his Bible, Mind you a dyed in the wool  beer swilling Ocker with rocking horse mentality would  savour this tripe lauding the recent dodgy success of the boring cricket fiasco, although I find it hard to believe what was said to me by a visitor to our club that he knew the umpires were bent Especially the Pakistanis and most of the team were on dodgy substances, and that the Umpires were condoning Chucking instead of bowling particularly by the much maligned Inky Johnson.  I suppose  these  loony hate gushing cricket writers  have to have a break from writing about salary caps eye gouging and ear biting  during the aerial ping pong and Thugby  league season  which fills the last twelve or so pages with the most inane and mindless twaddle .
Got to go now as I am enraged about the closing down of our service Station and now I have to travel 5 klms to get fuel for the car, Bugger.

There is no success without hardship.  The ships I served on were definitely hardships.
Vest.... Back soon.


Westy not vesty said…
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The slush fund (and its miserlyness) irritated me. What made me well nigh ballistic with rage was the fact that those people who were counselling the victims were given TWO days training. Which was enough because they were familiar with conflict resolution principles.
Hiss and spit.
Vest said…
westy not Vesty;
You showed the Western Suburbs mentality were you waving their flag 'white with a brown hole in the centre?
Your message would be better received on a Bidwill or Raby
gents public lavatory wall.
Please do not return. have a nice Christmas. Be kind to your family.
Vest said…
Thank you Elephant's Child for your comment, The last 24 hrs have been rather busy for me, am gradually getting on top of the seasonal chores.
Vest said…
The Central Coast Has a new minister.
Michael Gallacher will take on the role following MP Chris Hartcher's resignation last week.
Mr Hartcher is to face an enquiry By the ICAC Following a raid on his electoral office recently.

Welcome to our new minister MIKE
BEEFY. said…
Hello Vest, I would like to inform your readers about the joke about the medium size cricket box M Clarke uses. its true his Willy is like a small chipolata sausage, and that is the reason Miss Bingle dropped him after she squeesed him of his dosh clarkey is an all round wimp. Should be called Micro Clarke.

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