Frequent Flying Fatty Forced To Forkout For Further Fare

A grossly overweight Welshman U/K was made to pay double fare on his flight to and from Ireland, because of his hefty girth which required two seats. But owing to the Irish element involved in the booking and seating arrangement he was allocated two seats which were rows apart.

Welshman Mr Price says only an Irish airline could cock up twice when his seats were either side of another passengers seat. Mr Price who weighs 230Kilos or 490 lbs Say's it is one of numerous problems he faces.
 It now seems that airlines will be charging overweight persons exceeding 127KG  a double fare. some will provide larger seats for bigger bums, the price will be similar to premium economy class or more..
As for the other domestic seating arrangements it is now possible to incorporate larger seating facilities in your lavatory or powder room which ever you prefer to name it, OK  for Aussies it is the rest room or dunny , so there are scores of names worldwide but  the one most widely used in all languages is the siht, hist, isht etc house. a post on the common or uncommon bog seat is in the offing soon. so hold on ; nothing is more pleasurable and relaxing after anxiously  running a successful race to the lavatory

Take a sqizz at this while sitting down for a while

Back soon ...Vest..


Christine Marsh .U/K. said…
Hi Uncle Les,
As far as we were concerned in Dover Kent it wasn't as bad as the big storm of 1987 but we did experience winds of up to 80 miles per hour and heavy rain, it was worse in the English Channel and cross channel ferries were suspended due to hazardous conditions. Steve had a rough time on board, they needed tug boats just to get out of the harbour which took at least 30 minutes each time.
Generally the Portsmouth area was hit worse than us especially the Isle of Wight, Dad lost 2 fence panels which seems to be a regular occurance for him. 2 days previous to this there was a mini tornado at Hayling Island so all in all a bit rough.
I expected to be extra busy at the Channel tunnel with the additional traffic from the ferry port but this did not happen so maybe people heeded the warnings and stayed home.

I did think of you all with the terrible fires you have experienced over there, hope you are all ok and have not been affected by it. We saw it all on the news while we were in Tunisia where we had a lovely holiday. We came home just over a week ago on 20th October, the flight was good lasting 2 hours 30 minutes but the landing was not so good, weather was particularly bad over London Gatwick airport and several flights had difficulty taking off and landing due to strong winds and heavy rain so we spent extra time flying around before we got clearance to land from air traffic control, the turbulence was so bad that the pilot aborted the landing at very short notice and so we circled around again until the weather cleared, we finally touched down to a round of applause for the pilot but probably more out of relief for all concerned.
I had a very nice 60th birthday on Monday with lots of calls and visitors, I did miss 2 Skype calls from Chris and David unfortunately but I think that might be because I didn't have my I pad turned on, I also went out. Unfortunately I had to work a night shift on my birthday so have had to wait until today to have a celebration drink of the alcoholic type and very nice it is too.

Hope you are all keeping well, give our love to everyone and take care.

Love and hugs from Christine xxxxxxxxx

On Sunday, 27 October 2013, Daily Gaggle - Vest wrote:

Sunday, 27 October 2013
Vest said…
Thanks Christine for calling.

Our Chris is definiteley in the twin seat gategory for flights; just.

Hope everything is back to normal now.
Having few probs with hers truly and her forgetfulness.
David,J,H. said…
or John Leonard Spencer -yep, have read the book. Flies? hereabouts when the weather warms - have two 'flytraps' out and they fill with big 'blowies' within a week. Dunno what that says about me or environ. Fascinating creatures - flies - was visiting a friend o mine about half K away, and he was pestered by those 'little' ones that tend to collect around, and on the back of anyone 'outback' or 'in the bush'. Self is now wondering if there is anything "within my house" that is 'decaying' - apart from the 'big fly' attractant that i put in the 'flytraps'..

Curious ... and pondering.

Cheers, and Best wishes to you and family
David J. H
(am not dead - yet).
(and no - not, technically, able to "visit yer website" and click on whatever Gurgle decrees that enable you to 'collect income ' from the 'clicks'. Forgive me. Am working within a very small budget these days - however - if you are need of a $100.00 - contact me direct - and could probably find it within short notice).
D.H. said…
Frequent Flying Fatty Forced To Forkout For Further Fare

Shhesh, and here's me thinking am the only alliterate one around here - well done - better than anything that i can come up with these days.

Vestie's versions verify visions ....

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