Blogging,.Not dead yet. plus more on Sunday 27th

It seemed that the arrival of face book would sound the death knell for bloggers, face book being an easy way to communicate between persons with  minimal brain power and pictures far more interesting to dumb heads than to have to figure out what the blogger had to divulge to his or her readers, as one Canadian female blogger suggested some time back ,"Face book is like masturbating without the mess",.Plus over the years of its existence a source of a great deal of criminal activity.
Trying to get people to pause momentarily and indicate they have read your post and occasionally actually writing a comment of more than a one liner is becoming a thing of the past, however the picture chasing brigade are still visiting my blog according to Google and Adsense, my three figure payment arriving every Quarter suggests there is more interest in gazing at the glossy ads which adorn my posts. however as long as the info going out is read and and is found to be useful or entertaining in same form or other, I shall continue to 'CARRY ON Blogging until exhaustion claims me. Oh by the way those few followers who find time to stop and chat;'Thank You".

Here is the secret of inspiration.Tell yourself that a multitude of people not too intelligent and certainly no more than the rest of us, have mastered problems as difficult as those that now baffle you. Vest... Back soon.

BTW: Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg  set a new record for corporate compensation in 2012 with a package worth more than U/S $2.3 Billion. Zuckerberg also Zucked up from facebook followers a salary of  U/S $ 503,000 and a bonus U/S $266,000. let us hope the poor creature doesn't waste it on riotous living..

 Since posting on the 25th Oct 48 hours ago although weekend callers are fewer than those those who  would in most cases use their employers facilities during working hours, it is surprising to have 63 callers to this post, ADVERT readers in the main. yet during the same period I have  put 17 comments on other persons blogs in order for them to feel wanted in some form or another.

Came over ill last night, thought it was flu but since have decided I was bitten by a spider while working in the garden, a spider  less virulent to that of a red back or a death dealing female funnel web spider. I still feel under the weather but plodding on..... Vest

No flowers By Request.


Davoh said…
Interesting post.

Once upon a time people drew shapes on rocks. Later, they discovered 'ballistics' i.e. the trajectory of a projectile. yEP, aUSTRALIA IS RE-TRAINinG IT'S NATIONAL CRICKET TEAM - also developing its International Football (Soccer) team. ... At this point of time in my life - am trying to understand (overstand?) the continuous, frequent, changes in methods of electronic communication - and how it can be 'exploited' for brief monetary gain.

Vestie - as you and i know.... the changes are becoming too fast for me to truly under (or over) stand. While yes, still retain the ability to 'throw' - or 'kick' a ball (even "fire a gun"), and have some comprehension of where the projectile lobs - do i have any confidence that the "Googles", "Microsofts", "Zuckerbergs" et. al. of this planet REALLY know what they're doing? Of course not.

At that i rely on is that the planet Earth continues to orbit the 'Sun'. Everything else, philosophically, is irrelevant.

Cheers, and Best wishes

Davoh (Wombat's drivel).
Vest said…
Thank you for your comment Davoh
Amy. Swansea said…
Most people who blog are a bunch of no hopers who give up after a short period, as you say they expect recognition but do not give much in return.
I noted the date of you beginning to blog.
My calls to you go bac a long time now.
Advice, wear long strides and gloves in the garden Get well soon XXX
Vest said…
Thanks Amy for your get well wishes. I feel much better already.

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