Bushfires Devastation.

OK then you have heard about it and had it thrust down your throats and it's boring if it does not involve you personally, however a lot of home truths regarding this Bushfire problems surface while this problem exists but shelved when the problem goes away.
Before the invasion of Australia by the British in 1788  the local indigenous tribes would back burn in the winter and remove the possibilities of fires around their settlements, but since then and at the present time the Stupid Greenies in Councils various, use threats of various forms of punishment for the removal of dead trees and undergrowth by tenants of property in these fire prone areas.
One guy I know waited several weeks into a possible(waiting for approval period of a year) before deciding to remove a dead tree likely to fall on his house in an (Act of God) not covered by his insurance. reason being the council fine would be far less expensive than the repairs to his house caused by the tree should it have happened to fall on said house,. he is still refusing to pay the council fine.
One crafty old Aborigine once told me rain dances were the thing and years gone by, whities would request the services of the  black fellers rain dance, nowadays he Say's rain dances are more likely to bring a result when only finding time for such after studying a short term weather forecast.
Oh and the other thing I would like to mention is the lack of response from neighbouring  countries who in their times of emergency are inundated with assistance from all walks of life in Australia and so we should despite their unthoughtfulness with regard to our plight at the present time.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much..... Vest , back soon.


Dylan said…
I'm not really somehow who knows a lot about council laws, but that sounds quite ridiculous for it to be against regulations to remove a 'dead' tree.
Davoh said…
Subject: RE: Only my Twisted Family and Friends get this one.
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 19:30:34 +1030

eerum, prefer mine\alive.
Heh. D
Vest said…
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Vest said…
Dylan: Take a walk into the bush where several species of gumtrees and paper bark trees are abundant. The vast majority of trees housing local fauna Possums bids etc are usually dead or those soon to be, that is why greenies and other do gooders present themselves to the genersl public as persons who would rather not see the extinction of vermin and their homes to the detriment of humans being burned alive in their homes.
displaced fauna quickly find another suitable haven further in the forest areas and unlike humans they do not have to apply for planning permission. I am now wondering how many Greenies Lost homes in the still ongoing fires around NSW and other states.
Thanks for calling Grandson Dylan.
Tis a pity that other Relatives can't poke their nose into my posts and have a chat. do you feel they need some form of incentive,if so what would you reccomend?
Bye for now; thanks for calling.Gramps.

You can use some HTML ta
Anonymous said…
The fine for removing trees without councl permission is two fold should you not employ a registered person licenced for the work, even more if the remover has waived council orders.
You just cannot destroy trees willy nilly.
Vest said…
Anon: I am not in the habit of destroying trees dumb head. neither am I seeking Illicit ways of doing same.Leave your name when you call next or I shall chop you down.
Bonehead. said…
Dumbhead here, your Q to Dylan, Answer is lack of communication skills or plain bone idleness.
Vest said…
Dumbhead: Please kindly leave your mailing addresses so I am able to send them to persons you have villified.
WALLY. said…
Hi vesty , guys like dumbhead prob a D H from local goverment should have his balls put thro a wringer
Vest said…
Wally: Or her tongue should dumbhead be female..."Ouch".

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