Yes it happens every year on April  25, an event which commemorates the British Commonwealth Forces invading Turkey during World War One, formerly referred to as 'The Great War'.
Anzac Day is likened to that of Remembrance day in the U/K and elsewhere, which is cited as the day for remembering the fallen in all wars from that of the Great War, it was previously known as Armistice Day and  it was glorified on November 11, for reasons being the Great War supposedly ended at 11am on the 11TH  day f the 11TH month in 1918., Nowadays it is not remembered as before on the 11TH of Nov but on the nearest Sunday to the 11Th of November, the incumbent Govt  the Conservatives about circa 1970's? changed the date for economic reasons; meaning employers saved a few Bucks/Quids. cutting out another Public Holiday.

Each year,  Mini wars following the big conflicts help  boost  the  number of Ex service persons more so in Australia than elsewhere in the Commonwealth. Although Vietnam vets may not like the term Mini War. those Vets ex NAM on reaching the age of 70 plus who will be afforded a health Gold Card'; will help slow the ranks of departing ex servicemen in Australia.

Figures  which include(Non entitled to 'Gold Card) British ex servicemen living in Australia, also Ex Axis soldiers who fought against us who became Australian Cits and served in Korea in Australian units,; Who get the Gold Card. Hmm!!
In June 2010 there were 107,600 Veterans in Australia, The present figures show a ten per cent and increasing drop in numbers each year, the estimated figure being 69,200 at present but no doubt much lower by the time you read this.
Tomorrow I shall not be attending any Anzac memorial event, I am too old in the tooth to be getting up at four in the morning for the 'Dawn Service' which will not include people I know, most of my known mates are beyond the frolicking and Huge'Pissup" which follows the solemn dirges and bugle calls , mostly enjoyed by youngsters who unfortunately have in most cases no idea of the meaning of this sad day for remembering the fallen.

Vest.... WW2 & Korea, plus more. No Gold Card..... VEST NOT FORGET.


I wasnt born in the era of these wars but i read about them in high school and they were horrible just reading about them. life has taken a tole on us all in many ways. in good and bad.
Vest said…
Hi there Tweety. Wow fancy hearing from you after all these past years. There were disagreements over certain issues but I hope that is all behind and in the past, so good to hear from you.
Keep calling, as most of my former callers continue to fall off their perch, thanks for your call.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Vesty. What was the plus more? Mike.
Vest said…
LDL: The plus was firstly the EXODUS Fiasco 1947-1948 May 14, involved in boarding Illegal Jewish Immigrant vessels on the high sea(flying the 'White star' of David). nasty stuff.

Also. Nov 1956 Suez Crisis Egypt.

find details on blogger.
George Haynes. said…
Happy Anzac Day Les and Rosemary hope you and Chris are all well.

Best wishes from George and Muriel.
Vest said…
For info: Muriel is the wife of George, George who is my eldest old shipmate is 90 plus.
George was my instructor on my first ship in WW2. George and Muriel live in Sydney.

George doesn't have a gold card either.
This - 'mostly enjoyed by youngsters who unfortunately have in most cases no idea of the meaning of this sad day for remembering the fallen' - makes me think how lucky we are, thanks to you brave, brave men, yet so many young people today take it all for granted.

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