The Wedding of Samantha and Andrew

Saturday April 20.
Up the NSW coast in Budgewoi where my Wife and I live together with our eldest Son Chris, We had planned our 160 kilometer journey so to arrive at a prescribed time in Grose vale near North Richmond NSW the residence of our Son Andrew .
 First plan was for Chris to pick up serial prodigal son Tim at Hornsby station at 11am, Chris would be carrying in his vehicle all the music gear for the wedding, This was in jeopardy when Chris left a little late and Tim got peed off as he said he was freezing his balls off(It had been the coldest night of the year), to add to Tims misery I had to explain by phoning Tim that his brother Chris had phoned and said he would be even later as the battery in his vehicle had failed and was in a service station getting fixed up.
At the time I had just picked up my wife Rosemary from the Hair salon, and I needed to shave and shower, told wife to put all the clothes in the car and we would change on arrival if we ever got there, Rang Tim; told him I would pick him up at Hornsby Station  in about one hour , much profanity from Tim who said  he may go home. Rosemary remarked "that's good."
About five minutes from after the start of the journey it bucketed down like driving in a car wash for about 60 Kilometers, and was near where Chris was getting his vehicle fixed when  he phoned us in the car and said he was on his way and would pick up Brother Tim: so I  could go on to Grose Vale.
We arrived in North Richmond and were having lunch in a greasy spoon cafe, tried to ring Chris but the phone was out of funds. then borrowed a phone from the oriental cafe owner and was able to contact Chris who had picked up Tim after all, Tim shortly after joined us in the Cafe and Chris went on to set up the music gear, Tim was not at all happy all day and managed to create a scene late at night, Tim was shoved into  a small caravan overnight and was picked up by Chris who took him home about an hour after we left at 8am today, the journey home was without incident and the weather was wonderfully warm and sunny.
 Oh by the way the wedding went off fine,  lots of guests  who  were eventually quiet about 3am this morning, when asked to comment about the wedding to the photographer and others I quoted  ," It was about time" Samantha and Andrews daughter  Charlotte and Andrews daughter Aleisha looked  beautiful as did the bride and groom, and every thing went off nicely. the food in the main was The sucking pig and the Lamb on spits with seafood and other miscellaneous items.
On arrival home our Three animals(Two belonging to Tim) were highly delighted after their incarceration in the shed for 36 hours. Fini. Vest ...Back soon.

BTW Isn't it always nice to get home again to familiar surroundings and relax.


Vest said…
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Dylan said…
What an eventfully fantastic day/period you guys experienced.

I can only imagine the joy of seeing the wedding after all of that drama!
Vest said…
The weather boffins stated we had 3.5 inches or 75mm of rain during the downpour on Saturday.
Vest said…
Dylan: Re Wedding.
Due to the fact we were expected to turn up we turned up, we are pleased to be home again.
It is difficult for us to travel to yonder parts and only see that which is no better than the nice area where we live. like most places it has its occasional weather wise drawbacks but seriously it is like being on permanent holiday surrounded by all necessities. however, it is a fact that we have visited our known relatives both here and overseas much more often than they us, only recently were seeds of doubt sown whether our journey to England was really necessary, and to be honest grandma wants to go but I will not go to where I am unwelcome.
Amy, Swansea. said…
Reading between the lines, Dylan is related to you Vest ?
Vest said…
Amy: You are correct.Dylan is my Grandson from my no 3 son David.

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