Today in History April Fools Day

Did the Sons of Nippon believe it would not happen on a Sunday and relax their defences? Following the dough boys resting praying or relaxing generally on that Sunday the Nips paid a visit to Pearl Harbour in 41,. It seems the Nips got it wrong as Uncle Sam's boys had established a foot hold on Okinawa early that Sunday morning before the nips could say 'yankee go home', the rest is history . read 'Operation Iceberg' on  Google.
On April 1 Sunday Easter day and All Fools Day 1945 The last seaborne invasion inWW2  the invasion of  Okinawa.took place
That which followed during the next nine weeks seemed endless to those engaging the Jap Aerobatic teams sent to annoy us day in day out, the problem was the Nip guys just didn't want to go home, nasty sods they were, very unpleasant, fortunately in most cases we gave them their wish. Vest, action station . ADP or GDP exposed position on superstructure  HMS KGV, Flagship of the so called 'Forgotten Fleet.' .But Vest Not Forget.


Vest said…
Anon; Scaredycat. do you speak Japanese? But for a few people like myself you would be.
Mike Jordan. said…
Hey there,

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Vest said…
This was posted on the blog of a antagonist of mine.

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Vest said...
Never sent a card or recieved one no Easter chocs bunnies or eggs, never went to church never do and had roast lamb for dinner on Easter Sunday.
I believe there are more people in this world of ours who have died to save us all from tyranny than just one guy who was and is in all probability a complete myth.
I am very charitible as a person and admire and respect your faith in your almighty. Humanists like myself do not feel like lesser persons, just wiser and not subjugated to the laws of ancient fairy stories.

April 01, 2013
Chiefy USN, Rtd said…
Three brit A.C Carriers hit by Kamikazes were back in service soon after Apri1 1. several USA aircraft carriers out of service after being hit by kamikazes head for pearl harbor for repairs.
From archives.
Vest said…
Chiefy USN: It is believd to be said by the late Admiral Spruance of the USN to Vice Admiral Rawlings RN. A Kamikaze hit on a flight deck of a US Aircraft Carrier meant 6 months refit in Pearl Harbour.
But Hits on British carriers due to Armoured decks meant " Sweepers man your brooms".
I have a complete day to day history on the Activity of the BP Fleet "The Forgotten Fleet" by John Winton. However, most of it is indelible within my head, my action station was within feet of the C in C himself. At the time I was a seasoned sailor of a mere 18 years. Thanks for your comment.
Vest said…
Further to Admiral Rawlings statement or similar. was 'no one in Britain was interested in the BPF's activities far from their shores, the war was over in the U/K.
And like the old ladies locked in the lavatory 'Nobody knew they (we) were there'
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Like Blind Harry, 'Out of sight - Out of Mind'. Mike.
Chiefy, USN Rtd said…
The total amount of physical contact with the enemy measured in actual time was estimated that the US and British fleets in the final year of WW2 had contributed more than sixty percent of all allied Naval action.
But needless to say the 'Celebrity one hour Movie naval engagements' Such as the Graf Spee river plate and sink the Bismark and adding Malta, Russian and atlantic convoys would not add up to the actual physical time with the enemy
spent by the US and British fleets in some cases operating up to 4,000 miles as from bases in Australia. mind boggling.
Vest said…
Chiefy, You must be pushing Ninety, right?
However, where your figures come from; probably the USN Dept of statistics, I find hard to reconcile with its factual entirety.
Although I liked your movie concept, it is true most USN Heroic naval stories are in the main pure fiction.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Hey Vestie, your last para in your last comment was pure vitriol.
The old Guy was buttering you Brits up and the mean old Vest puts him down. But I realize to you a Yank is a crank.
Anonymous said…
Americans and Nth Koreans deserve each other
Vest said…
Anon: Your comment does not make sense.
Anonymous said…
It's assholes like you vest who should go and fight the north koreans.
Vest said…
Anon: I am not a yankee doodle so shove off, in any case I did my Whack in Korea back in 1952 and for what it was worth I received two useless medals for it. did have a punch up with cpl Speakman VC&bar in Brit club Singapore Nov 52, aquired fame for a brief period..... Fini.

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