Waco revisited Again and Again.

Authorities in the land of the Free and the Gun and new Huns, yes I mean  Stupid uncle Sam land,, land of the new generation Germans; must be a bit whacko not to figure out that about April 19 the 20TH anniversary of the slaughter by American armed forces of the Cult Davidians at Waco in Texas,; would present a good opportunity to exact retaliation on Texan Authorities for the death and destruction of Waco and its 85men women and children, yes 25 children.
Maybe time has erased this disgusting episode in the minds of the Americans who were involved in that only  Pol Pot , Auschwitz or Changi could match
The siege of Waco was linked to the Oklahoma City bombing which claimed 168 lives. Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols admitted  their equally disgusting act was timed for the second anniversary of the Waco bombing. Over the past two days we have two more bombings, coincidence or what? or were other organisations using this date for their own misguided reasons.
You can bet your boots some crazy bastards  will use this time frame to keep our Yankee friends on edge for some time to come. but I hope I am wrong.

So the status quo remains, with few if any changes to the Gun Laws in  horse opera land the home of the AK47 toting Cowboys, despite going in with all guns firing, Pres Obama failed to target the problem with the second amendment.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

Back on Monday Vest, Going to my No 4 sons wedding Sat 20.(about time too ) and probably a few grog inspired family verbal fireworks, doesn't that always  happen?


CA, USA. said…
The Bush father and son may be referred to as Furhrers of the Ist Americcn Reich, but not Obama.
Vest knocking us again.
Vest said…
CA: I hope you were not involved, like drumming up business.
Anonymous said…
Beware of Back packers.
Anonymous said…
Isupose not many US citizen would have a lot to say obout these dreadful happenings mostly brought about their misgivings overseas no dout about that.
Vest said…
Anon: Most intelligent persons would agree with your feelings.
Vest said…
Not wrong about the verbal fireworks of course it had to be Tim.

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