Visit to the Sceptered Isle set in a silver sea.? not yet set in stone !

For the info of  Relatives and Friends.


This will be an attempt to resurrect yesterdays post which vanished without trace, so to avoid further cock ups I shall avoid typing on blogger and in future C&P to blogger in case of failure.

The problem I see in doing this will mean it will not have the same meaningful content as yesterday being my mindset today will not have the same relevance

Yes I am still hopping mad but the experience will pass eventually.

At the time of writing the visit to Merry England is in the balance, pro’s and cons at loggerheads. The ability to withstand the rigours of a fourteen hour incarceration in cattle class was daunting enough four years ago, it will also mean Rosemary and I would have no assistance around the Airport unlike that which was provided by Chris on the previous visit.

Further to the ongoing saga the build up of the hurdles, the bars get higher each day with little foreseeable respite until the end of July. At least 35% of my past and present relatives are Cancerians

Which in itself can be demanding too, however, I am fit enough to walk unaided or even trot, A shopping cart helps or a stick for long distances. Also up to and including 30TH May I have three more checks on my health, seemingly a necessary evil although I cannot sense any problems except for a bit of LB pain now and then.

In addition to the afore mentioned family orientated marathon of events, next Saturday April 20, Samantha will become our Daughter in law when she marries Andrew Number four son (and about time too) a sort of seven  year itch in retro. Samantha also loves Sky-diving; total madness.

The family will consist of Aleisha from a Previous arrangement and Charlotte their seven year old .

Must drop a line to good Queen Bess to inform her of the Sixty year milestone Rosemary and I have clocked up, may even get a message or something., that will be on June 20.

How busy are you? If you can find time to send a message regarding your own personal ‘Goings on’ Rosemary and I would be elated ;due to the lack of it in recent times., news from relatives and friends can often mean a moment of togetherness despite of the separating distance.

Our family in The Land of OZ send our love and regards we hope to hear from you all soon.

“The generosity of your time is the most valuable gift you can give,

But email can provide it faster..... Unc Les, aka vest.


Lower deck lawyer. said…
There are a lot of Cancerians within your tribe. Mike.
Vest said…
Yes LDL.The last head count of present and known deceased, came up with 15 cancerians,also 35 rello's from second half of the year and 21 from the first half.
It cannot be concluded that the cooler weather means more time in bed, simply because at least half of the cancerians were born in the Southern Hemisphere.
Amy, Swansea. said…
Hi vest, I am a cancerian too. my birth date is July 14, 67.
Vest said…
Amy: So you are a bastille girl!!
Amy, I have Bastille of a Granddaughter too, never hear from her.
Not sure which is worse silent rellos or noisy friends, I am neither one or the other to either.
Amy, Swansea. said…
So you are going to England, 'What for', How old are you Mr Vest?'.

I got the Bastille Pun.
Vest said…
Amy: I need to take a shower, I have been working in the garden with fertilizer you know Manure or whatever. Must I answer that question of yours, it could bring repercussions.

The last time I went to Merry England was the last time so were the previous visits. I am wondering if my relatives are fed up to the teeth waving goodbye to me as I sing that silly song -"This will be the last time"
Anonymous said…
why would you want to travel away from such an idylic place you now live, you live in a lovely place and have every thing you need at hand and few worries I know you well and cant stand a lot of bother. the other thing is are you fit enough and is your jouney a mistake, the experience wont solve any problems. by the way do your distant relatives visit you, if so how often?
Vest said…
Anon: The age old question Why?
Vest said…

Anon: Sorry; I failed to reply to the second part of your examination of my personal self.
Here it is.
Overseas rello's few and far between, last time 1998, 1996, 1993,1990. Aus rellos more frequent,
Local rello's when they become hardup, about sorts out that query.
Very few stay too long.
POOR VEST. Poor er who was that other one?
WALLY. said…
Vesty, my mum said when in doubt 'Dont', unless you want to go only to watch the test matches.
dun no about you but most of my rellos are a pain in the bum , have any wroteyou and said please please come we missyou?

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