Drivers who normlly break the law get praised.

Couldn't believe the crap I read in to days Sydney Daily Telegraph.

Police have praised motorists for their "Generally good behaviour" on the states roads this Easter long weekend. "What a lot of Bollocks" say I.
I shall not print the whole article but simply point out the stupidity of this mamby pamby statement likened to a child being given stars on their school books for their good behaviour.
Police figures indicated that only one motorist and one  pedestrian were killed over the Easter holiday weekend. ( Isn't that enough)But  one hundred and eighty five people were injured in 550 yes five hundred and fifty crashes.
A police spokesperson supposedly stated. The police are heartened by the fall in the number of motorists detected speeding and drink driving on our roads so far this weekend, Only 116 people were caught drink driving.
Well you fuzzy rozzers out there who think this is acceptable behaviour on our roads think again , it can only be acceptable when the problem figures drop to zero,. Drivers are not minors or babes in arms they are Adults who supposedly are aware of the highway code, being so called 'Good on our roads' is something to be expected, not simply a reason to lower the income  for chop shops and less work for our hospitals.


WALLY. said…
Vestie my whitie mate was one of them crashes on friday and he's in the slammer stupid git.
Vest said…
Wally: So your mate has an Abbo mate.
Careful now.
Vest said…
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