Local Teenager Faces drug charge in Bali. And More.

       Fourteen year old Central coast schoolboy is in custody in Bali for illegal possion of drugs. Will these idiotic people ever learn until it strikes home to them . There is no excuse for knowingly flouting the law no matter which country you may visit.
 For persons unaware that Indonesia have stringent drug laws, there are warnings given to tourists before they leave home and before they arrive. and only the foolhardy with the brain of a rocking horse would attempt fate, because fatal it could be and would be rightly deserved.
Possession of any quantity of drugs if caught  would qualify the miscreant a term in the slammer for up to twenty or more years or in some very serious cases death by firing squad.
Getting the message across to idiots can be difficult, so those taking a punt on a ten to one chance of getting caught,should never be afforded any sympathy whatsoever.
Teenagers in the main love to be noticed, like showing their driving skills and how to wind dads car around the nearest tree or pole and becoming a quadriplegic and destroying the lives of his or her passengers.
There is a way, long forgotten in time where foolhardy excursions into petty crime were curbed by installing a painful element within first warnings, thereby creating the fear factor for re-offenders with the promise of double what they copped before. This very simple cure was called a four foot long rattan cane which would be wielded by a muscular person to impart as much pain to the offenders buttocks as possible. This minor punishment is still used to convey the message in Singapore and Malaya where death by suspension with a sudden stop is the max penalty.
Caning is mostly opposed by persons who might fall victim to the process or who are basically Wimps who would rather see these persons due for caning escape punishment and re offend time after time.
I recall while a boy of 16 years of age, I shared a hut with three other boys while in training for the Royal Navy. One boy had stolen tobacco in his possession hidden in the hut . he smoked this stuff elsewhere, but at the time he was  caught neither I or the other boys had any knowledge of this secret stash, neither of us  smoked (punishable by six strokes of the cane) Which is what we got, and the real villain got twelve of the best.
Incidentally living in the duty free cigarette world of the Royal Navy, still didn't give me the urge to smoke until I was 22 years of age, Why ? I really cannot answer that. However, I did go cold turkey and stopped smoking back in Dec 1968; when told by my doctor I had only months to live .

BTW. Kiss a non smoker and taste the difference.

Back soon ...Have an enjoyable weekend.....Vest.         S T R A S T Child.


WALLY. said…
Vesty, I hope you puched the other guy out for dropping you in the shit.
Vest said…
Wally: Being a leading boy at the time and somehow managing to retain such, even after so called punishment.
This I believe was due to my betters having percieved my ability to overcome the problem and continue to further my career.
The incident was later seen as an oversight and my punishment write up deleted. (But not the pain)
I believe A guy named George L.........d did beat the offending guy,
A year or so later I got even with that asshole at a bar in GIB.
Fiona. Sydney. said…
Mr Vest. Caning is not the answer, there are other courses of action more suitable and in any case it is painful in the extreme so I am informed. I am not at all happy with your opinion.
Vest said…
Hi Fiona: You are absolutely correct when you say caning is painful(As the saying goes their is no gain without pain).
Gaining an offenders attention to what will happen should there be a recurrence of the offence or one of similar magnitude would remind the offender of the pain suffered on the previous occasion. particularly bearing in mind the punishment is doubled for second and continuing offences.
Any person considering a repeat offence would be a person with a poor memory, or completely bonkers and deserved incarceration out of harms way.
Believe me Fiona, It works like a dream. More is the pity it isn't used for grown up offenders in the political and corporate sector.
Fiona.Sydney. said…
Mr Vest. I suppose you would bring back hanging as a deterrant as well as caning. did you ever wear a swasticka on your arm during the last big war.
Vest said…
Hallo again finicky Fiona:
Yes I am a advocate for Public Hanging. It is another great deterrent, in fact it would provide far better entertainment value than the 'Melbourne Cup'. Think of the crowd pulling gore and agony, especially if it were An Ms,G. getting her Gizzard stretched, but you can only bet on the loser getting first past the trapdoor, "Great fun".
However drawing and Quartering would be my all time favourite with odds of 4 to 1 on.
Sorry Fiona I always wanted to wear a Swastika but unfortunately fought on the wrong side, the winners. have a nice day X.
Frog said…
Your Fed Government would be far better off wihout any Ruddy dickheads or added Ms G.
Vest said…
Teen arrested in Bali 'boasted about drugs'
Sydney Morning Herald
THE 14-year-old NSW boy arrested for alleged possession of cannabis in Bali boasted about his purchase, waving a small bag of the drugs in front of local shopkeepers and massage therapists before police pounced on him, witnesses say.
Bali parlour owner describes boy's arrest Herald Sun
Greens back govt efforts for Bali boy Ninemsn
Australian schoolboy, faces 6 years prison for drugs in Bali Telegraph.co.uk

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