"Stay Put. I'll be back soon". Also 'Sydney the top spot'? "I doubt that".

Excerpt from my fav daily: Denpasar Jail Bali.

ALONE and afraid,the NSW schoolboy locked up in Bali was left stranded in his cell while prison officers rushed outside as an earthquake rattled the island yesterday.
Sources said the 14 year old facing up to six years in jail for drug possession, was ordered to "Stay Put" as the police station was evacuated. did he have any options?
"I'll presume then that, this young offender had the opportunity to leave but was ordered to stay, So was his cell unlocked? I doubt that too. seems daft to me, but not the usual happening where Muslim rats leave the sinking ship."

SYDNEY has beaten Paris and New York  to be voted the worlds best No 1 city by readers of a luxury travel magazine.
     The Conde Nast Traveler Readers Choice Awards held in New York, voted the Harbour City their favourite spot. The readers of Conte Nast Traveler gave Sydney a score of 85.1 ahead of the next highest scoring city, Florence at 85.
Most of the voters were Americans who have never discovered some of the rat holes of Sydney.
Melbourne didn't come into the reckoning, as one British tourist put it .. " If  I want to meet lots of Italians -  Greeks and Maltese it would be  quicker cheaper and safer to visit the Mediteranean area ( just kidding).
Everyone have a Wonderful Weekend.....Back soon ...VEST.

BTW Originally born in London, having traveled to (on record) 78 different countries and some multiple times, also resided in four different countries, Why have I lived in the Sydney New South Wales OZ area for the past Forty Years?


Anonymous said…
Vest. You visit me I visit you.
Thats the deal.
Talk later. OK.
Vest said…
Anon: that sounds a fair go but where are you?

You must be in the same boat pal, as about one in ten of my comments on other posts get replies.
Most of former visitors over the years have fallen off their perch, now I am down to mostly non blogging relatives and emails.
There are a few aged senile and wobbly legged Aussie bloggers I visit regularly who are a bit laggardly with their return visits and comments. Most of who spend their day in a haze of booze and fag smoke.
One said blogger's posts and comments I visit are hardly subscribed to, maybe there is a sanity problem there. Then there is this other 67 year old bloke who is training to become a Jockey.
Then there is 'D' a wanky Yank who deletes my comments because I dared confront him when he decided my post needed editing, the guy is so bloody rude to visitors, little wonder most of the comments on his posts are his own.
Oh BTW, I haven't had a formal college - Uni education or a forced fed proper college English course followed by the Luxury of another paid for by Mummy and Daddy writing school course.
What you see is what you get, it's my own style; like it or lump it.

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