Leading by example and other idiotisms. Plus the Axe Murderer.

IF Hurstville. NSW Australia Mayor - Steve McMahon doesn't change his ways he's going to destroy the reputation of local govt. Hells  bells it might become a good thing.
McMahon's selflessness, community spirit and altruism is a blight upon a level of government better known for planning delays, junkets, Israeli boycotts and at least one trip to Dubbo to seek advice from a fortune teller.
This unusual pollie has also brought shame upon his office by flogging the mayoral car in order to upgrade a children's playground.
And what is Hurstville's policy on Israel anyway?
What is required is more Steve's in local govt to reduce excessive spending.

New meaning to blind drunk.
Teens are being warned to stay clear of vodka eyeballing or risk going blind.
A flood of You Tube clips highlighting the fad of pouring pure vodka into the eye has caught the attention of young Australian drinkers eager for the promised fast tracked inebriation.
Get this into your head instead, Alcohol can cause a chemical burn on the cornea leading to permanent vision loss.

True - blue (Aussie) Muslims.
Imams  have been told to include Aussie values such as a fair go and tolerance when leading Friday prayers and speaking to Muslims.
The instruction is part of a $55,000 federal training program that arose out of concern about Muslim integration(Guffaw) into mainstream society.
Program facilitator Hass dellal, head of the Multicultural foundation, said religious leaders had received training in civics, core values and media awareness.
"There's alway been a concern about not hearing enough of the right Muslim voices" he said. and finding passages to read from the Koran that matched Australian core values  would be helpful too.

My own Personal opinion is that, the Koran should be rewritten for Australiam Muslims to include all such punishment meted out to women for indiscretions should now read all persons, meaning what is sauce for the goose will befit that for the gander.
This will not happen until the Fear Element is eradicated from followers of the multi sect Faith Industry when a new horizon opens to all called 'Common sense'.

Asshole of the week; The huge not so serene Blackbird, Serena Williams days after her disgusting tirade of abuse, and berating tennis umpire Eva  Aderaki at the U/S Open,  has been named UNICEF'S newest Ambassador of Goodwill. The UNICEF'S director Tony Lake must be losing his marbles.

AXE Killer in for the chop.
The intelligentsia who control the prisons in Haggis land are a few farthings short in their sporrans or have little to offer under their Tamoshanters.
Edinburgh: A triple Axe murderer doing porridge for life in Scotland, has been allowed out of prison - to take a course on 'How to chop down trees'.
Thomas McCulloch, 63, was convicted of butchering a nurse a patient and a policeman at a hospital in 1976.*** I don't think it's a good idea to let a murderer doing life to get near sharp implements such as axes and the like, a prison insider said.
***The Only Screw with a working brain.

That's all folks.......Back soon......Vest.

Remember. In order to be walked on, you have to be lying down.


C A. said…
There are times you strike a funny note.
I liked the bit about the guy doing porridge in Scotland.
Vest said…
CA: Amazing .... There was I thinking Americans; particularly those who worked the graveyard shift in a morgue were devoid of humour....read Humor.
WALLY. said…
Never heard that term before, 'Doing porridge'
any case stupid to let the guy out of jail to chop up trees.

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