Has the whole civilised world gone nuts?


There are also other YouTube videos worth watching.


Mark A... V V Assoc. said…
Mr Vest. Are you an ex service person? if so do you agree with the Vietnam Vets issues with the R S L in Australia?
Vest said…
Hi Mark, I feel I should have said high Mark but I am unsure why.
However, to answer your question, yes I am an ex serviceman, or veteran as some choose to name as.
First of all I am not a member of the RSL although many of my former colleagues were or are now.
I fought in the Australian and Pacific area mainly to benefit the Australian people during WW2. Returned to Sydney twice during and at the end of WW2.
I am not Australian born, but have lived here forty years and I am a certified dyed in the wool Australian citizen and have a Australian passport.
Problem is, as soon as I request for the Australian war veterans medical benefits card, "The Elusive Gold Card" the reply is "Sorry, You are not a REAL Australian are you".
However, There are ex German Soldiers who migrated here in the late forties who joined the Australian Army and fought ? served in KOREA in the early Fifties. They are REAL AUSSIES and get a F*^#@*^#G Gold card. It just doesn't make sense.
However, I did not serve in Vietnam. I served in the 'Atlantic'. 'Mediterranean'. East Indies' and 'Pacific' in WW2 and the Exodus fiasco in the Med 47-48. 'KOREA in the fifties and the Suez Cock up in 1956. and much more.
Sucking up to Vietnamese I thought was a bit over the top . but it appears to have been settled amicably.
BTW I have a British passport too. Was told when renewing my Aus passport, "You don't need to have a Brit Passport".
"Well" said I "You can have it in exchange for the Aussie Vets Medical Gold card. No takers.

The Clark parliamentary committee in Canberra are a bunch of dimwitted assholes and GERT by double standards and bigotry.

Might sing that when 'Gert by sea' pops up again.
Anonymous said…
Call on the blogs of those who comment on your blog.
Vest said…
Anonymous: Always do, dunno what else to say, maybe spread your gospel elsewhere.
The Editor said…
Interesting. Does Britain not pride itself with it's freedom of speech and freedom of religion?

I think it might be time to amend some of those laws. But how does one do that and not slide down the slippery slope?
Vest said…
Gerry: Wasn't Fascism a combined mish mash of brutal order & faith in one political ideology hell bent on destroying all non followers.
Most Muslims given any opportunity to eliminate any non Muslim organization will relish the chance. Most Muslims have an inbred ignorant fear factor similar to Catholics, fear of the wrath of a non existent God Or Allah.
The whole of the faith industry is riddled with lies and scientifically proven untruths.
I prefer stories like Alice in wonderland, or my own story about fairies at the bottom our English garden.
Vest said…
Gerry: Or we could have laws approved by the majority of the people in Britain and have the Anglo Saxon British Prime Minister sworn in as the 'British Super God' thereby abolishing the powers of any religious order enabling them to administer their own brands of admonishment.
Simply put: Thou shalt have no other god but me.
The name of the new God would be
Monica. said…
Stringing offending muslims and other cranks up by their balls would be another deterrant to sectarian violence.
Muslim women should be allowed to be women and not chattells and sperm receptacles.
WALLY. said…
Mum says ORDER would be a good name for an Ozstrayen god.
Mum sends love too.
WALLY. said…
Mr vest, My Mums name is ARIKA aborigne for Water lilly.
Debby said…
That's bull shit. This man's visa should be revoked. There are countries which espouse that kind of totalitarian control. Not my country. I hope Europe takes a stand against such behavior.

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