Visit to my Doctor or how to become subjected to Age redicule

       I am writing this simply because My doctor reads my blog occasionally or so he tells me.
Previous to the day of  my appointment last Friday at 1140AM I had been feeling an occasional pain below my upper left rib  for several days,. However, the morning of my appointment I was feeling great no worries - so instead of a three minute walk to the Doctor we took the car thinking we would go  shopping after seeing the Doc but a delivery truck was parked across our drive so we were eventually five Min's late for our appointment. (on arrival normally one waits about a half hour or more to actually see the Doc)
I gave the receptionist my card who told me I was to keep my appointment at the correct time and mumbled something I couldn't hear "Are you deaf "She asked," " only when you whisper" I replied, Inwardly I was becoming miffed with this young lady and her attitude, She then asked several Questions in a louder voice which I considered would be invasive to my privacy should it get to the ears of an audience of a dozen or more people in the waiting room , so I whispered the required info  to her. she then actually yelled "Number four" , another person standing close by  Say's she means number 4 surgury  door. The doc I saw was a locum and I was seriously tiddled off trying to be nice to this Sikh Doc not a sick doc but a pleasant geezer in a Turban who it seemed was confused when I told him there was nothing wrong with me. He stated I should see my Heart Doc should the problem arise again. I was also told my usual?? doc Ajay S.... was in room 3 attending to another person. On leaving I whispered to the receptionist and audible to others "GET WELL SOON. and blew her a kiss.

Vest....87 and with  most marbles.
 Have a great weekend.


Ouch. I do dislike condescending receptionists. And I think it is compulsory training for many of them.
River said…
The Sikh is right, see your heart doctor if the pain comes back, also take note of what foods you eat before an episode, it may be heartburn, but best to be safe and get the heart checked.
Davoh said…
What's an 'age redicule'? Might have to go see my doctor about whether have gotten one - is this infectious??? ... no, wait, can't afford the petrol. Guess that i'll just have to wait, and suffer.
Vest said…
Davoh: When a person of your age at least which is good old sixty nine, such things as sex memory and bodily movements both alacrity and internal organs slow down or fail completely. this is assumed to be a normal phenomenon and really is the case for most people.
Younger persons are aware of this, some with the mentality of a Bat Shit filled brain, unsympathetic uncouth bullying types get their rocks off by showing disdain for the elderly.
and refer to them as buffoons, old codgers old geezers, dodderers and lots of other uncomplimentary names such as as stupid old bastard which is widely used in oz but rare to me in person for fear of extreme retaliation the min being a good boot in the goolies or a liverpool kiss. there is a plethora of utterances and gestures which those of limited noddle sense use toward the youthful, like screaming brats sullen teens pimply kids stupid 'p' platers bloody leaners. ah well we all deserve a serve of abuse no matter at what age,
You silly old Git.old fart.
WALLY. said…
Is davoh your friend vest.
that is just plain assed rude.. i think so at least.
Vest said…
Dunno Wally, we haven't come to blows yet, we are aware of each others foibles but never crossed paths, maybe I will some time in the not too distant future.
Yes friendly I would say.

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