Child Bride Kills Rat of a Husband .

      A Child Bride forced into marriage killed her new husband and his friends by lacing their food with Rat Poison.
      Wasila Aymara 14, poisoned the men because she was forced to marry a man she did not love. They wed last week in a village !00 km north of the city of Kano in Nigeria.
       The 35 year old groom had invited a dozen friends to celebrate.
        Child marriage is common in Nigeria,; especially in the MUSLIM north. You may remember the Muslim North in the sixties ? was a place called Biafra, which had broken away from Nigeria,
but soon became plagued with starvation; but the charitable good Christian countries around the world rallied to their plight and saved their population from annihilation.
        I was in Lagos in the late fifties, I remember school children singing "Carter bridge is falling down;" the wooden bridge across the river is now replaced by one of steel and concrete.. Also the  new Railway Station with a dozen platforms was serviced with a single line in and out, At least the people were visionary, although  most of the finance of the country is raised trough Scamming  in order to buy Armaments in order to kill each other in an ongoing  political war.

"Think it more satisfactory to live richly than to die rich"

Vest ,,, Back soon.


That poor baby. Forced into a situation where she felt she had no other options.
River said…
I make a small monthly donation to an organisation that travels these areas and tries to educate the population against female children being forced into marriage. They educate for other things too, such as the use of condoms to prevent the spread of aids and too many pregnancies, which is a big problem where so many don't have enough food or shelter for the children already born. And they advocate for education for girls and women.
Vest said…
A donation to Barnardo's prior to Christmas is my main contribution.
My brother sister and I were wards of Barnardo's in 1931, my connection ceased on joining the Royal Navy at age 15.5 Years of age. 7/1/42.
Thank you E C and River for your comments.

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