Middle East Health and Marriage Warning.. A Hanging Matter.

    The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is warning Australians to be careful if travelling to the Middle East following 13 more deaths in Saudi Arabia from the MERS coronavirus, must have changed the name from SARS.
The warning comes as The W H Org prepares for an emergency meeting due to the spread of the disease which has caused the deaths of 139 and has infected more than 500 since the outbreak. This weekend the Saudi Health Ministry said six people had died from the disease over the previous 24 hours.
We in Australia should be thankful that Sharia Law and it's archaic ignorance and cruelty has not arrived as yet in our shores - well officially; as this story  sounds absurd and totally discriminatory.

      Woman to hang for Christianity
A Sudanese judge has sentenced a Pregnant Christian woman to death by hanging for committing Apostasy( Converting from ones original faith).

    Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, 27, is married to a Christian and is eight months pregnant, human rights activists say.
     Born to a Muslim father, she was convicted under Islamic sharia law outlawing conversions of faith  on pain of death.

     " We gave you three days to recant, but you insist on not returning to Islam. I sentence you to be hanged," Judge Abbas Mohammed  Alkhalifa told the woman.

The judge is a sweet old family man and morally incorruptible.

     Vest Say's  the judge should be hanged by his own testimonials

    No trumpets sound when important decisions in our life are made, Destiny is made known silently.

Back soon. Vest.

UPDATE Mon May 19. Disease Now in the USA.

     Illinois USA. US officials believe they have detected the first case of someone contracting the deadly M E R S C o V Virus while in the USA
     An Illinois man contracted the disease from am an Indiana man who became infected when working in Saudi Arabia. So far about 30 percent of victims have died  from this disease..

Be careful who you Kiss, check his / hers passports.


Anonymous said…
Sick bastards... that poor unborn baby.
River said…
I heard about this on the news. so glad I live in a country where people are allowed to choose.
I read about this. Sad, and bad.
WALLY. said…
Vesty, who is DCS Compton in you profile is he a sportsman.
Vest said…
Wally: yes he was. More later, busy right now.
Vest said…
Wally: Denis Charles Scot Compton was born around 1917, he played football and cricket. his slightly older brother Leslie Compton also played football and cricket.

They both played for the Middle sex cricket team, and Arsenal.F C.

Ponder over that.
Vest said…
Thak you to all those nice people who replied with comments, I have been tied up in much domestic and family activity recently, nearly sorted, back soon.

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