The Aftermath of R U OK Day.

Good morning everyone on this  beautiful early spring morning on the central coast of New South Wales in Australia.
From my window I see a gathering of various species of birds awaiting their early feed, none in our neighbours gardens; just ours , where  an ample supply of water and food  keeps them coming back.
The grass is becoming taller too, must get Er to  get it mowed.

Thank you to those friends and relatives who replied to the R U OK post last Thursday.
It was a trifle disappointing despite a 95% result in Australia, but the result in overseas enquiries was negative in Can/USA. plus one rude reply. However I received three from friends and relatives in the U/K whom I did not enquire after. and those  I did enquire after  failed to respond except for one person. In those particular cases I can only hope all is well with them.
I shall leave you with this interesting snippet I read last Thursday on R U OK day while checking to see if I was alive or not.
Ist on the list of the Summary of deaths & funeral notices.
Akers,Russel Roy.Sept 12 2011.
I would like my friends and relatives to know that I have fallen of the twig(perch) all due to a serious attack of death which was utterly and absolutely fatal and totally untreatable even with a bottle of Chivas (although God knows I tried).So catch you on the flip side Amigo's. Over and out - Captain.

Have a rewarding week, back soon?...Vest.


Vest said…
The message received from my youngest son and addressed to my eldest son also my wife and I would make your hair curl. this message is available on request.
Vest said…
Er has mowed back lawn(Grass). What would we do without servants doomed to love and obey for ever.
Bert, R Y OK...U/K. said…
Idiot Sydney Telegraph sports writer stated.
The Sri lankans deliberately batted slowly to save the game,
but failed to mention the Aussie bowlers were like a bunch of bumblers, S L can't be that bad if they passed the ugly aussie innings by a hundred and fifty runs.
Bert U/K. said…
Australia will look to spend the next two days at the crease and wither away their second-innings deficit on the way to retaining their 1-0 series lead.

Dragged this snippett from the commentary.
Afraid to lose. Aussies intend to bat dead boringly slow. Bunch of scaredy cats.
George Haynes RN. Rtd. said…
Thanks Les, Rosemary and Chris for the newsreel video it is great all those years ago, and we were there Les !
We are well thanks

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